Slot, to Tottenham after negotiating with his team tomorrow… 1st place to recruit, ’40 million pound favorite disciple’

Manager Arne Slott is scheduled to hold talks for a transfer between his clubs Feyenoord and Tottenham Hotspur tomorrow.

England’s ‘Daily Mail’ said on the 23rd (hereinafter Korean time), “Slot will become the new Tottenham manager if he completes negotiations with agent Rafael Pimenta to transfer to Feyenoord for 10 million pounds (approximately 16.4 billion won) scheduled for tomorrow. ” reported.

Director Slot has conquered the Netherlands. Coach Slot, who took the helm of Feyenoord ahead of last season, won the 2021-22 season European Football Federation (UEFA) Europa Conference League (UCL) runner-up with build-up based on strong pressure and various uses of fullbacks, and flexible tactical responses according to the situation. Following this achievement, he lifted the Eredivisie championship cup this season.

It’s not a fluke. In the 2019-20 season, coach Slot showed his skills in AZ Alkmaar, which is rated one step below Feyenoord, and competed for the top of the league with Ajax, a ‘traditional strongman’. At that time, Corona 19 hit the world and the league ended early, so the dream of winning could not be achieved.

He is the ideal leader for Tottenham. In addition to his above-mentioned tactical strengths, Slot showed his skills in team composition. This season, Feyenoord completed a new team centered on promising players, although many key players such as Tyral Malacia, Luis Sinistera, and Siriel Desels left the team. The average age of the starting lineup for Feyenoord against Ahead Eagles mentioned above was only 23.6 years old.

Coach Slot is also positive about going to Tottenham. At the last press conference, he said, “My next step will not be a Dutch club. The normal next step is to go abroad, and I have always said that the best league in the world is the Premier League (EPL).”

He also left a bone-chilling joke. Britain’s ‘Sky Sports’ said on the 20th, “Director Slott’s 30-minute press conference was full of jokes. He said, ‘Let’s meet in London’ as he left the press conference.” In fact, it hinted at the link with Tottenham.

If negotiations are completed, compensation is expected to reach £10 million. 5 million pounds (approximately 8.2 billion won), known as a buyout, will be activated next summer, so Tottenham, who is in a hurry with a new command tower, plans to willingly accept the loss of the amount.스포츠토토

When coach Slot arrives at Tottenham, Orkun Köktsch, his ‘favorite disciple’, will also be with him. Köktsch has only played for Feyenoord since his first team debut in 2018. Able to play both the second and third lines, he is a playmaker-type player who is good at holding the ball and accurately distributing it to teammates based on precise ball control.

Tottenham are also keeping an eye on Köktsch. ‘Daily Mail’ said, “Tottenham will join the competition with Liverpool to chase midfielder Köktsch for £40 million (about 65.6 billion won) with the first contract of the Slot manager era.”

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