SK Rent-a-Car, Hana Card, and Final Stage Can Be Seen…Crown Haitai and NH Nonghyup Card are defeated → 2 wins in advance

SK Rent-A-Car and Hana Card beat Crown Haitai and NH Nonghyup Card side by side to gain two wins, leaving only one win left until the final.

In Game 3 of the “Welcome Savings Bank PBA Team League 2023-2024 Postseason” playoff held at “Goyang KINTEX PBA Stadium” in Goyang, Gyeonggi Province on the 22nd, SK Rent-a-Car won 4-2 with Crown Haitai, and Hana Card won 4-3 with NH Nonghyup Card after a full-set battle, leading the playoffs with 2-1 overall. As a result, SK Rent-a-Car and Hana Card will be on the final stage of the team league for the first time since their establishment if they add one more win to the fourth game on the 23rd.

SK Rent-a-Car faced Crown Haitai in a tight race through the second set. In the first set, Eddie Reffens of Belgium and Kang Dong-gung beat Kim Jae-geun and Oh Tae-joon 11-9 (nine innings), but in the second set, Kang Ji-eun and Hida Aurier of Japan turned 1-9 (eight innings) against Baek Min-ju and Lim Jeong-sook.

SK Rent-A-Car won the third and fourth sets, which were the match-winners, with a come-from-behind victory. In the third set against Kim Jae-geun, the team had a come-from-behind victory by scoring six consecutive points in seven and eight innings, taking advantage of the mistake of Kim Jae-geun, who was losing 2-11 until the fifth inning but returned to the third inning in a row from the sixth to the sixth inning.

Cho Sang-hwi and Hida, who followed the mixed doubles, were on the verge of losing 0-8 with only 10 consecutive innings against Oh Tae-joon and Lim Jung-sook, but they scored two points in the 11th inning and seven high-runs in the 12th inning, making a thrilling 9-8 turnaround.

SK Rent-a-Car, which had been leading with a set score of 3-1, lost 4-11 (5 innings) to David Martinez (Spain) in the fifth set, but Kang Ji-eun defeated Baek Min-ju 9-1 (7 innings) in the sixth set to complete the set score of 4-2.

In the subsequent playoff A match, Hana Card won after a close match in the full set. Hana Card, which won in the first to third sets by Nguyen Quoc Nguyen (Vietnam), Kim Byung-ho, Kim Ga-young and Sakai Ayako (Japan), and Murat Najee Choklu (Turkiye), later entered the full set by losing four to six sets to Cho Jae-ho, Kim Min-ah, Kim Hyun-woo and Kim Bo-mi, but Q. Nguyen won 11-6 (6 innings) against Oh Sung-wook in the seventh set to end his victory. 라바카지노도메인

Game 4 of the playoffs to be held on Sunday will be played between NH Nonghyup Card (1 win and 2 losses) and Hana Card (2 wins and 1 loss) at 4 p.m., followed by SK Rent-A-Car (2 wins and 1 loss) and Crown Haitai (1 win and 2 losses) at 9:30 p.m. If SK Rent-A-Car and Hana Card win three games, the playoffs will be over and the finals will begin on Monday.

The playoffs will be held in a best-of-five series, and even if one group finishes the playoffs first, the schedule will not be advanced. If both groups end early, the final round will be advanced. The list of players selected for the playoffs will be announced at 12 p.m. on the day of the competition.

Meanwhile, the PBA is holding a “predicting the winning team” event through SNS for the postseason. If the winning team is predicted, 10 winners will be drawn and all winners will be given sign balls and commemorative goods. If the winning team is predicted from the semi-playoff to the playoff A and B finals, the winning team will be given tickets (two tickets per person) for all four teams in the next season’s team league.

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