‘Single & Smiling’ Klinsmann raises conspiracy to manipulate the match in Chinese media… ‘AFC giggling coach Klinsmann investigate match manipulation!!’

“Korea fixed the match. AFC should investigate.”

South Korea had a 3-3 draw with Malaysia (FIFA ranked 130th) in the third Group E match of the tournament at Al-Zanub Stadium in Qatar on the 25th (Korea time).

Korea barely managed to add one more point and advanced to the round of 16 teams as the second-ranked team in its group. Korea will play Saudi Arabia, the No. 1 player in Group F, in the round of 16 teams (two wins and one draw).

It was the worst game ever. Not only coach Klinsmann’s tactics but also defense was shaky, and offense did not take place well. Son Heung-min (Tottenham Hotspur) and Lee Kang-in (PSG) played well, and tied.

What was more serious, however, was manager Clinton’s behavior. He was smiling brightly while sitting on the bench in the midst of his team’s shaky ground. 헤라카지노

“Before I talked about how I felt about the game, it was an exciting game in which both teams scored six goals,” he said with a bright face after the game. It sounded like someone else’s business as if he was speaking from a third-person observer’s point of view.

He also displayed strong confidence. Asked if he would still be able to win the title, Klinsmann replied, “Definitely.”

Klinsmann didn’t seem to lose his smile. When asked about Asian soccer, Klinsmann said, “I’ve watched many games. I felt that there are many competitive teams. It was the same today,” adding, “The Asian region’s competitiveness is increasing considerably. Teams from all regions, be it Southeast or East Asia, have clear colors. They will also be able to make us difficult in World Cup qualifiers. How to analyze and prepare is important. I feel that no team is easy.”

The Chinese media raised conspiracy theories about director Klinsmann’s abnormal behavior.

Sohu Dotcom reported, “Korea fixed the match against Malaysia,” adding, “Korea’s coach Klinsmann laughed ‘splittingly’ after the draw.”

“The AFC should look into this matter. It was a draw with Malaysia, but Clinton didn’t panic and giggled. He looked like he could finally avoid Japan. If you look at Clinton’s face, you can clearly see that it was a premeditated match-fixing,” he said.

It would be unimaginable. However, the Chinese media’s conspiracy is being evaluated in a cold manner by the outside world to see how big Clinton’s problem is.

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