‘Shortest 6th Grade’ Yangpocho Kim Si-yoon, “I want to be like Curry”

“I wanted to be like Curry because he shot well.”

Yang Po-cho lost 50-70 to Mae San-cho in Group C preliminary round of the 22nd Korea Basketball Association National Elementary School Basketball Tournament held at Gimcheon Gymnasium on the 20th. Yangpocho, who recorded 1 win and 2 losses with the defeat on the day, was eliminated from the preliminary round.

The player who stood out the most in the game that day was Kim Si-yoon (143cm, G) of Yangpocho. It is the smallest among the 6th graders participating in this competition. He also dyed his hair and was good at shooting from 3-point range.

Kim Si-yoon scored 22 points, the most among both teams that day.

In elementary basketball, even if a shot is made outside the 3-point line, it is recognized as a 2-point shot, not a 3-point shot. Even so, I met and talked with Kim Si-yoon, who throws a 3-point shot, even though I lost the game.

Kim Si-yoon said, “I ran hard and trained hard. He practiced fast breaks, practiced layups, and shot shots. He received applause and finished well.”

“It started in his sophomore year. When he plays basketball, he gets applause and gets praised for doing well.”

When asked why his back number is 30, Kim Si-yoon said, “It’s because of Curry,” as if it were natural. “Curry shoots well. I liked (Curry) from the beginning of my sophomore year of basketball. At that time, there was a basketball video, so I watched it, and Curry shot well, so I wanted to be like Curry.”

When asked about how he practiced so that he could even make a 3-point shot, Kim Si-yoon said, “I practiced a lot. He replied, “I went out to the playground at night and practiced at the basketball hoop, and at school I practiced shooting and lay-up for three hours.”

“The teacher told me that even though I am short, I can only win if I shoot well. If you practice from elementary school, you can put it well in middle school,” he even added the reason why he devoted himself to shooting training.

Some players wear dyed or colorful basketball shoes to stand out in game videos. The reason why Kim Si-yoon dyed his hair was different.

Kim Si-yoon said,먹튀검증 “When I went to Stove League in Jeju Island, my mother told me to match my hair color with the tangerine color of Jeju Island.”

Kim Si-yoon hoped, “I want to become a player who runs fast and shoots well even though I am short.”

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