‘Shock discord rumor’ Klopp arguing → I didn’t even say hello… ‘Dangerous remarks’, what’s wrong

Liverpool ace Mohamed Salah has been embroiled in a shocking rift in Jurgen Klopp’s final season.

Salah had an argument with Klopp when he was substituted during the match, and passed Klopp without even saying hello after the match. He reportedly made dangerous remarks when asked for an interview after the match.
Liverpool drew 2-2 in the 35th round of the Premier League (PL) in the 2023-24 season against West Ham United at London Stadium in London, England, on the 27th (Korea time).

Liverpool’s chances of winning the championship were sharply lowered as it drew with West Ham after suffering a shock defeat in the Merseyside derby against Everton. Liverpool, which only gained one point in the draw against West Ham, ended the 35th round behind Arsenal and Manchester City, which are competing for the championship, despite playing more games than Manchester City.

Although the team has yet to win the championship, if Liverpool is to win this season, it needs to see Arsenal and Manchester City slip. In other words, the situation has become more difficult.

Liverpool led the game against West Ham with a 70 percent share, and attempted a whopping 19 shots (nine shots on target), but only scored two goals. Even this was an own goal by West Ham goalkeeper Alfonso Areola.

However, there was nothing that angered Liverpool fans more than the unexpected draw. This was the rumor of discord between Salah and Klopp that erupted through the game.

Liverpool ace Salah, who had recently suffered a deteriorating performance, replaced Luis Díaz at the end of the second half against West Ham. Liverpool had high expectations for Salah because he was put in after allowing West Ham an equalizer. The same would have been true for Klopp.

What was controversial was Salah arguing with Klopp before entering as a substitute. Salah, who was waiting for the replacement, was captured on the broadcast screen raising his voice to Klopp.

In addition, according to a video shared by fans who watched the game on social media, Salah and Klopp passed each other without even saying hello after the game.

Salah’s remarks after the game also added fuel to the controversy.

“When Salah was substituted in the match against West Ham, he had an argument with Klopp. He warned that if he talked about the argument with Klopp at the touchline, there could be a fire,” the British Telegraph reported after the match. 스포츠토토

The media outlet said, “We have reached out to Salah who is leaving the stadium for comment. Salah said, ‘If I open my mouth today, there will be a fire.’ I can’t confirm that Salah is fanning the flames of controversy, but Klopp’s claim that his problem with Salah has been resolved certainly left a question mark,” explaining the situation at the time.

Klopp was actually speaking differently. “We talked about it in the locker room, and that’s how it ended,” Klopp told a news conference.

Asked if Salah’s situation is the same, Klopp said their problems have already been resolved, saying, “I think so.” However, Salah’s remarks still leave him feeling uncomfortable.

Above all, Liverpool fans were angry that Klopp’s last season, and at the end of the season, such discord was spreading. Liverpool was currently out of the UEFA Europa League and was focusing on winning the league, but in the current atmosphere, Klopp is likely to finish his last season in Liverpool without a trophy.

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