Sepak Takraw ‘Golden Spike’… Lee Jun-wook, “Gold medal goal in 20 years”

You must have heard of sepak takraw at least once, as if it were foot volleyball. There is a player who boasts high skills enough to look at the Asian Games gold medal in 20 years.
Reporter Kang Jae-mook came to meet Lee Jun-wook, the protagonist of the splendid kick.

Korea finishes the game with a scissor kick메이저사이트.

When the championship is confirmed, the players and coaches all cheer.

This is the scene where Korea climbed to the top in the 4-person match at the World Sepak Takraw Championship last month.

The player who stands out by far is Lee Jun-wook, who joined the national team as a college student.

▶ Interview: Lee Jun-wook / Sepak Takraw National Representative
– “I am the youngest member of the team, and I try to show myself as much as possible when playing games while working hard as the youngest member…”

The sepak takraw ball is made of plastic and is smaller than a soccer ball, but it requires spectacular kicks to jump over the 1.5m high net.

Lee Jun-wook, who was a mechanical gymnast until middle school, even won the title of ‘youngest national team member’ with more than twice as much effort as others.

▶ Interview: Lee Jun-wook / Sepak Takraw National Representative
– “I used to do gymnastics in the past, but as I am improving my skills, I want to become a national representative and become a player who will shine Sepak Takraw later.”

Although he is in charge of the ‘killer’ position, the flower of Sepak Takraw, who is responsible for the splendid attack, he has added stability to the national team by taking care of the defense.

▶ Interview: Lee Jun-wook / Sepak Takraw National Representative
– “I want to show you that I won the gold medal in the Asian Games for the first time in 20 years in the history of Korea.”

Lee Jun-wook, who is ready to blow away the sadness of ‘unpopular event’ with a splendid kick, is paying attention to whether he will become a flower that blooms in the barren land.

This is Kang Jae-mook from MBN News.

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