Second-year setter Lee Hyun-seung, “Hyundai Capital has ‘winning DNA’” 

Hyunseung Lee (22), setter for Hyundai Capital in메이저사이트 the V-League men’s division, is a green sprout in his second year as a professional. He was ranked second in the first round of last year’s rookie draft and wore the ‘Traditional Master’ uniform, and played in 26 regular league games in the 2022-2023 season. Due to injury to senior Kim Myeong-kwan (26), he played more games than expected.

Hyunseung Lee, whom we met at Castle of Skywalkers, a clubhouse in Cheonan, South Chungcheong Province, said, “I had a really special time. As soon as he stepped onto the professional stage, he never thought that he could receive this much attention and play consistently. He looked back on his debut season, saying, “Every moment I stepped on the V-League court was like a dream.”

Lee Hyun-seung, who has a solid physique, quickness, and vision of the game, cannot forget the feeling he felt the moment he was nominated by Hyundai Capital. He said, “I was scared and scared. Although he had fun playing volleyball as an amateur, the weight of being a professional, especially a member of a team that always challenged for the championship, was great. Moreover, isn’t there a special star in the same position as the director (Choi Tae-woong)? “It is rare for him to have the opportunity to receive guidance from a great setter.”

Fortunately, I adapted quickly. This is the effect of a pleasant team culture. At Hyundai Capital, people are called ‘hyung’ even if there is an age difference of more than ten years. Middle blocker (center) Park Sang-ha, born in 1986, is not ‘uncle’ or ‘brother’, but just ‘brother’.
What Hyunseung Lee felt the most about his debut season at Hyundai Capital was his unique ‘winning DNA’. Even if they are at the bottom, they quickly make a leap forward. That is the power of a traditional powerhouse. He said, “Ever since I started playing volleyball in middle school, Hyundai Capital’s image has been known as a ‘championship power.’ I realized why I win a lot and why the number of wins is not small. The training environment is the best, and the exercise system is sophisticated and systematic. This is a team that has to win. “Everyone has no choice but to be stimulated and work hard,” he said.

The goal for the new season is clear. Since I finished second in my debut season, I dream of reaching the top in my second year. I want to hear the story of ‘winning setter.’ Hyunseung Lee said, “I just have to do well here. I want to prove that I work hard and have venom. “I will have a sense of responsibility and try to receive as much recognition as possible that I did well and the team won,” he said, clenching his fist.

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