Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance ↔ Korean Air trade, Son Hyeon-jong + Rookie 1R nomination right change meaning?

Daejeon Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance and Incheon Korean Air carried out an off-season trade based on their respective interests.

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance and Korean Air reported on the trade on the 14th. It is a condition that Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance gives the 2024 rookie draft 1st round nomination right and Korean Air receives the 2023 rookie draft 1st round nomination right and Son Hyeon-jong (31).

It is an exchange that is not easily understood. This is because it is natural to think that Korean Air is a losing business by giving away Hyeon-Jong Son, who can be both an outside hitter and an apposite spiker, while exchanging the 1st round nomination rights for a different year.

As it was revealed on the outside, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance certainly took advantage. Son Hyeon-jong is a 197 cm tall striker and is a resource that can handle both outside heaters and apologetic spikers. In the 2018-2019 season, he played 124 sets in 35 games and scored 319 points with an attack success rate of 50.6%.

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance said, “By recruiting a key striker, we can strengthen the club’s weakness, offensive power, and at the same time secure excellent new players through two nomination rights for the first round of the 2023 rookie draft.”먹튀검증

Of course, there is no business in the world. Korean Air’s calculation method is clearly a melted deal. Korean Air said, “We have obtained an additional right to nominate new players in 2024, laying the foundation for strengthening future power.”

The first round of the rookie draft has disappeared this year, but next year it will be two. It can also be judged that there are players who want more next year than this year.

In addition, Son Hyeon-jong played only 5 games in the regular league this season and was responsible for only 14 sets. Korean Air, which has won three consecutive victories in the V-League, is able to clear up underutilized veterans and at the same time add more leeway to the salary cap, which is the upper limit on the total annual salary.

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