“Same teams are hitting each other”… Arnold, Robertson became the most helpful PL defender

Alexander Arnold set a new record.

The Premier League officially announced on its official Instagram on the 11th (Korea time) that “Alexander Arnold has been named the most assists for defenders in Premier League history.”

Liverpool beat Burnley 3-1 in the 24th round of the English Premier League (EPL) at Anfield in London on Sunday (Korea time). Arnold added one assist during the match 월카지노도메인.

Liverpool scored the first point early in the first half when Alexander Arnold’s corner was blocked by Burnley goalkeeper James Trafford and Jota calmly scored. The assist gave Alexander Arnold 58 assists, more than any other defender in Premier League history, beating Robertson of the same team, who was second.

Arnold is a wing-back, but he is also a versatile player who can even play midfielders. As he is a fairly good kicker, he is regarded as the core of Liverpool’s offense as he is good at running crosses, early crosses, and long passes. He also serves as a set piece kicker for his team as he has strength in dead balls.

His value started from the 2018/19 season. He showed good performance all the time, helped strikers with his unique kicking power, and was also an active player in the Champions League, winning the Champions League title with a total of one goal and 16 assists and being named the PFA Team of the Year.

In 277 appearances for Liverpool, he won the 2020 Premier League as well as the Carabao Cup and FA Cup. Arnold scored 16 goals and recorded a whopping 73 assists in that span.

Arnold was ranked 22nd in the 2022 Ballon d’Or as Liverpool finished second in the Premier League after Manchester City, missing a historic four-time crown. He was too unstable in defense in the first half of last season, but he proved why he was a world-class defender by playing like a monster as the tactics were modified in the second half.

Arnold has been flying around in this season. Arnold has already made two goals and four assists in 21 games, and has improved his defense capability, which was one of his weaknesses. Ahead of the match against Burnley, Alexander Arnold told CNN that he is focusing on winning all possible trophies and aimed to win four gold medals in this season.

Liverpool are currently top of the Premier League by two points and have a chance to win a total of four tournaments, including the Europa League round of 16, the FA Cup round of five and the Carabao Cup final later this month.

Referring to the Carabao Cup final against Chelsea, Alexander Arnold said, “There are only a few weeks left before I get the trophy. There is a 50-50 chance for a Carabao Cup. Now every match is almost like a final. We have to do our best because it looks like the other team is in gear.”

He continued, “Every game must be won. It’s simple and it’s how we want it to be. I want to push myself, I want to push myself as far as I can, as hard as I can, and I want to test myself to my limit. Every game must be won and a draw feels like a defeat regardless of the situation.”

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