“Reminds me of Elizabeth II” Queen Camilla’s ‘all pink’ fashion in France

Queen Camilla’s light pink outfit during her state visit to France with King Charles III of England is a hot topic. Everything from her hat to her coat to메이저사이트 her dress was colored pink, reminiscent of the late Queen Elizabeth II. It is known that Queen Elizabeth II often wore pink during her overseas trips during her lifetime.

On the 20th (local time), the British Telegraph highlighted Queen Camilla’s outfit for her state visit to France. When Queen Camilla arrived at Orly Airport on the outskirts of Paris that day, she was captured by media cameras wearing all of her clothing except her bag and shoes in pink. Her coat is said to have been made by British designer Fiona Clare, and her hat was made by Philip Treacy, an Irish hat designer based in London.

It is known that her royal family often intentionally connotes meaning to the color of her clothes when she travels abroad. The Telegraph said, “We know that royal clothing is often imbued with meaning,” and “the older members of the family are especially skilled at conveying messages through their clothing.” As Queen Camilla often wore cream and blue coats and dresses, she may have had meaning in this pink fashion.

The Telegraph suggested that Queen Camilla was trying to create a positive atmosphere during her trip by wearing pink clothes. This visit to France is significant as it is the first state visit since the coronation of Charles III and is intended to restore the strained relationship between the two countries after Brexit (Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union). In particular, the media explained that pink means ‘departure’ in the UK.

There is also an interpretation that Queen Camilla’s outfit may be a tribute to Queen Elizabeth II. In fact, when Queen Elizabeth II made her last state visit to France in 2014, she wore a light pink two-piece suit. It is almost the same color as the dress Queen Camilla wore this time.Coincidentally, French Prime Minister Elisabeth Born, who welcomed Charles III and his wife that day, also wore a pink top. Accordingly, the media commented, “Perhaps by coincidence, Prime Minister Born, who greeted the King and Queen as they got off the plane, also wore a dark pink jacket,” and added, “(They) created a sophisticated gathering like a Barbie doll on the red carpet.”

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