Pulling a stranger’s ear…’regardless of teammate restraint’ Why?

On the second day of the 2023-2024 Dodram V League, the KEPCO-Korean Air match was held at Suwon Gymnasium in Gyeonggi-do.  아톰카지노

Korean Air’s Kim Gyu-min approached the KEPCO player who was warming up first. Kim Gyu-min approached Shin Young-seok, who was drinking a drink during warm-ups, and said hello, then looked in the other direction. He saw Tais, who played with the Samsung Fire Blue Force in Daejeon from 2016 to 2018, talking to Korean Air’s Lincoln. 

Kim Gyu-min walked toward him, and he took a step back as he looked at Kim Gyu-min. Kim Gyu-min then pulled on both of her ears, teasing her and giving her a big hug. Tais played for the Samsung Fire in Daejeon until the 2019 season, when he moved to Italy to play, and has been playing in the V-League for the KEPCO since last year.

When Korean Air teammate Lincoln reprimanded Kim Gyu-min, who is a year older than Tais, for his antics, Kim Gyu-min raised his leg and mimicked Tais’ roaring pose. After exchanging jokes and affectionate words, the two parted ways with a cheer. 아톰카지노

Korean Air won the match in straight sets, 3-0 (25-22 25-22 25-19) for a shutout victory. It was their first back-to-back wins of the season since their last match against KB Insurance on April 28. 

Korean Air was led by Lim Dong-hyuk with 20 points, Lee Jun with 16 points, and Jeong Jung-yong with 13 points. KEPCO Tice scored 16 points but couldn’t prevent the loss.

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