Pro baseball and the harsh rain of children… SSG-Kiwoom exhibition held alone was sold out

Children’s Day, May 5th, is a day that is considered a ‘big deal’ in professional baseball.

This is because it is a time when outdoor activities are active as the weather is warm as spring is in full swing, and it is also a good event for family outings to visit.안전놀이터

But this year, unexpected rain swallowed the disappointment. On the 5th at 2:00 PM, LG-Doosan (Jamsil Stadium), Samsung-Lotte (Sajik Stadium), KT-Hanwha (Daejeon Stadium), and KIA-NC (Changwon Stadium), four games were held in rain and ground across the country. Canceled due to circumstances, etc. Only the match between SSG and Kiwoom, held at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul, was held as scheduled.

Children’s Day rain cancellation is the first in 31 years. In 1985, three matches on Children’s Day were canceled due to rain: Sammi-OB match, Haitai-Lotte match, and MBC Cheongryol-Samsung match. In 1992, OB-Haitai was postponed due to rain in Gyeonggi-do.

Each club, which prepared Children’s Day events in anticipation of a full crowd, is only left with heavy rain.

It was an opportunity to drive fans for Lotte, who finished April as the sole leader and won 9 consecutive wins in 15 years until May 2nd. Just in time, Samsung visited Sajik Stadium in Busan, and in 1982, the ‘Classic Series’ between the original teams was concluded. Lotte installed an air bounce for children and prepared a Robocar POLI performance, but it was canceled due to rain. The new mascot ‘Winzy’, made with the will of the victory fairy, was also scheduled to be released, but had to be postponed until the next game.

The rivalry between LG and Doosan in Jamsil, which was held every year on Children’s Day, will no longer be seen this year. Before the game, the players and children used to build memories by holding a mini sports day together on the ground. However, due to the rain soaking the grass at Jamsil Stadium, neither the ground event nor the match could be held. Fortunately, the joint fan signing event was held normally. Doosan Yang Eui-ji and Choi Ji-gang, LG Hong Chang-ki and Lee Ji-gang soothed the children’s regrets.

In Changwon, a confrontation between KIA and NC, which are ranked 4th and 5th, was scheduled. By the 4th, the number of spectators at NC’s home stadium was 81,848, the smallest among the 10 clubs. It was an opportunity to meet KIA on Children’s Day and attract crowds, but the rain couldn’t save it.

It is also unfortunate that Hanwha, the lowest ranked player, is the same. Hanwha, who recently broke the 6-game losing streak and won 2 games in a row, tried to bring the joy of victory to the children fans after a long-awaited rise in the home stadium, but had to postpone the next opportunity.

All 16,000 seats for the match between Gocheok SSG and Kiwoom were sold out 50 minutes after the game started. This is the first time Gocheok Dome, which opened in 2016, has sold out on Children’s Day. Since it was the only match held indoors, many fans belatedly turned to Gocheok Dome. The club explained, “There were more on-site sales than usual.”

Kiwoom added fun to watch the game by displaying young pictures of the players on the billboard during the game. On the other hand, the joy of victory was occupied by ‘Sseukrin’. SSG won 3-1 and kept first place.

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