Park Ji-sung’s painful self-reproach, why can’t the Asian Cup be held? Release ‘Han’ now

“At the time of the 2011 Asian Cup, Korea faced a situation where Korea went from the semifinals to the penalty shoot-out with Japan, but I didn’t kick at that time. However, I think it burdened the juniors too much, so if I went back to that time, I think I would have kicked that kick. ”

After the 2011 Asian Cup semi-final against Japan, Park Ji-sung’s steps were heavy. In an interview with JTBC last year, he revealed that at the time he regretted not participating in the penalty shootout. (Photo = Yonhap News)
When asked why it wasn’t kicked again, the explanation continues.메이저사이트

“At that time, I was also the captain of the team, but personally, I don’t like taking penalties. And I don’t think it has a high success rate, so personally, I think it’s right for confident players to kick. At that time, I thought that young players were quite bold and had a lot of confidence, but I personally did not think that the pressure on young players to be so great in such an important match. It is the thing I regret the most now that I made that judgment wrong. ”

Ji-Sung Park’s final scene at the 2011 Asian Cup was the rinsing of his juniors. But the regret remains. (Photo = AP Yonhap News)

The next word is:

“(Winning) was a situation where there was a lot of possibility. I don’t know because I haven’t played the final, but personally, I really wanted to win the Asian Cup as a player, but I still feel a lot of regret for not being able to achieve it. ”

The 2011 Asian Cup Korea-Japan match was Park Ji-sung’s last match for the national team. (Photo = AP Yonhap News)
It was surprising that Park Ji-sung, who tends to talk around, gave a clear answer. What he confessed was also unexpected. I didn’t even know that Ji-Sung Park’s regrets were staying in the 2011 Asian Cup and the penalty shoot-out against Japan in the semi-finals. I can’t forget that I didn’t step out as a shootout kicker at the time, and moreover, as a captain, I pushed the heavy responsibility onto his juniors. The match against Japan was the last match I played for the national team.

In the 2011 Asian Cup semi-finals, our football failed to surpass Japan due to a series of missed goals in the penalty shoot-out.

Park Ji-sung presented heart-pounding moments at every World Cup, but I didn’t know that he was under a heavy yoke at the Asian Cup. It’s to the point of leaving a comment, “I still seem to have a lot of regrets.”

Even after retirement, Park Ji-sung will be called every Asian Cup. I was also invited to the group draw ahead of the Asian Cup to be held in Qatar next January. Park Ji-sung, the host of the group draw ceremony, introduced himself as “a player who scored 3 consecutive goals in the World Cup and the most successful player in the history of Asian football.”

Park Ji-sung was invited to the group draw ahead of the Asian Cup in January next year. (Photo = AFP Yonhap News)

Park Ji-sung said this time.
“I finished third in Qatar (where the 2011 Asian Cup was held). It is interesting that our national team has coach (Klinsmann) and good players including Son Heung-min and Kim Min-jae. I hope the players will play well to win the Asian Cup. I expect that.”

Our football has not reached the top of the Asian Cup since 1960. Will it be possible for the secret team to win this time?
If the World Cup is a stage to discover and expand the potential of our football, the Asian Cup is a stage to confirm where we are in Asian football. You may think that the Asian Cup is easier than the World Cup, but that is not necessarily the case. The daunting challenge has been repeated. Our football has not been able to stand at the top of the Asian Cup for more than 60 years since 1960. Korea is the Asian Cup runner-up (4 times), and Japan is the Asian Cup winner (4 times). It is worth saying that Park Ji-sung has ‘Han’ in the Asian Cup.
This is why we are waiting for the cannon shot of our soccer that will free Park Ji-sung from regret and Park Ji-sung’s yoke next January.

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