Parents of ‘plastic bottle incident’ whose identity was stolen… The workplace bulletin board is filled with criticism.

I captured the first keyword like this. < A crazy메이저사이트 workplace bulletin board >. What does this mean? As the case of the high school teacher Lee Young-seung of Howon Elementary School in Uijeongbu, who made an extreme choice two years ago and sent money to his parents, is now known, the fallout is strong. The parent’s identity has been spread online, and criticism is plastered on the bulletin board at the parent’s workplace. Let me briefly explain the outline of the incident again. In June 2016, a student injured his hand while cutting a plastic bottle during class. So she received compensation for medical expenses from the School Safety Mutual Aid Association. However, in 2019, teacher Lee Young-seung sent money to parents again. So, the fact that he sent a total of 4 million won, 500,000 won each month on payday, was also revealed as a result of the Office of Education’s investigation. It was announced yesterday. The Office of Education has requested an investigation into the parents. First of all, Professor, in the case of the plastic bottle incident we just talked about, the police received a request to investigate. What will the police focus on?

· Gyeonggi Office of Education announces audit results of the Howon Elementary School incident
· Police “Focus on investigation into whether parents were forced to pay money”
· Parents of ‘plastic bottle incident’ whose personal information was distributed
· Blank posts plastered on bulletin boards at the parents’ workplaces
· Photos of condolence wreaths delivered to parents’ workplaces
· Parents , placed on standby at work
· Parents of Howon Elementary School also carry out ‘horoscope terror’ at work
· Father of late teacher Lee Young-seung considers filing criminal charges
· “Please refrain from disclosing personal information or imposing personal sanctions”
· Occasionally suffer damage from wrongly designated business establishments

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