Palma from Cuba, possibility of going to V-League UP “Attack rushing is OK”

The V-League foreign player tryouts and drafts, which have been going on face-to-face for the first time in a while, seem to have lost steam. This is because both the men’s and women’s divisions did not participate in the first-place candidates selected by the clubs.

However, there are some players who are notable among the participants. Apposite Spiker Dalira Palma (Cuba) is like that. In Istanbul, Turkey, where the tryout is being held, Palma is evaluated as having an extraordinary sense of hitting the ball.

Palma says, “I’m not in 100% condition yet,” but expectations for the birth of a ‘Geopo’ are growing. On the 12th (hereinafter Korean time), Palma received favorable reviews in the evaluation match on the second day of the V-League Women’s Foreign Player Tryout hosted by the Korean Volleyball Federation (KOVO) held at the Hassan Doan Spoor Complex in Istanbul.

Even in the first evaluation match held the previous day (11th), he left a strong impression enough to be mentioned by 6 out of 7 team commanders. Palma also played an active part in the second evaluation match. More than half of the coaches rated him as a player to watch.

In the club preference survey conducted with videos before tryouts, Palma was ranked 10th, but in the actual evaluation match, it is showing more than that. “I’m very happy just to be here,” said Palma.

Regarding the situation where he was highly evaluated by the clubs, he had a bright expression, saying, “I am happy that they are evaluated as a good player.” Palma said he heard a lot about Korea from Cuban players who went through the V-League.

He said, “The enthusiasm of the fans is amazing and it can be a good opportunity,” he said.

His attack power was excellent. He drew the attention of command towers with his extraordinary sense of hitting based on his fast swing. “It’s been about a month since the season. He’s only been training with weights,” said Palma. “I’m still not 100 percent fit.” He said, “If he practices normally, he will be able to show better skills than he seems now.”

He said, “There is no problem” about the high proportion of attacks against foreign players, which is one of the characteristics of the V-League.토토사이트

Some clubs also criticized Palma’s timid personality. But Palma doesn’t care.

He said, “I am shy outside the court, but I am free inside the court.” added.

Now, there is only one day left in the tryout schedule. Palma said, “I want to show one of my strengths, the serve, on the last day.”

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