Outline of competition for ranking of ‘3 strong – 3 medium – 4 weak’? It is forbidden to be careless… DTD is coming

The 2023 KBO League has been running for two months.

It seems that the outline of the ranking battle is gradually being drawn. While the LG Twins, SSG Landers and Lotte Giants form the leading group, Doosan Bears, NC Dinos and KIA Tigers are chasing them. Samsung Lions, Kiwoom Heroes, Hanwha Eagles, and KT Wiz are aiming for a rebound in the lower ranks.

LG was the first to step on the 30-win high ground. Except for 3 consecutive weekend matches (1 win) against Doosan on the 5th and 7th, when only one game was played due to the cancellation of rain, all seven series were decorated with winning series. In the last three consecutive matches last month, he succeeded in revenge with a win in the Gwangju expedition against KIA, who was humiliated by a home sweep. He is showing a perfect balance in two-taes, showing a waterless appearance.안전놀이터

SSG only had a losing series in the match against LG on the 23rd and 25th, but succeeded in holding on by making a winning or tied series in the rest of the series. Lotte continues to fight for the lead as the burnt uptrend continues from the end of last month to this month.

In the middle ranks, Doosan maintains a 50% win rate in May (10-10) following April (12-1 draw 11-loss), while NC (8-10) and KIA (8-11) have 4 Based on the win rate of more than 50% made in the month, it is holding on to the middle rank.

In the lower ranks, Hanwha’s rapid progress is remarkable. Hanwha, who had a win rate of 0.261 with 6 wins, 1 draw and 17 losses last month, is 4th in the monthly win rate with 10 wins, 2 draws and 9 losses (0.526 win rate) in 21 games in May. On the other hand, Samsung, which marked a win rate of exactly 50% in April, is bowing its head to the bottom with a win rate of 7 wins and 13 losses this month.

The upper, middle, and lower divisions are clear on the boarding road. As of the 29th, while the 1st to 3rd places are fighting for 2 games, the number of rides between 3rd place Lotte and 4th place Doosan is 4.5 games. The ride between 4th and 6th places is 1.5 games. 6th place KIA and 7th place Samsung have 2 games, 7th to 10th place is 2.5 games. While the gap between groups is not large in the middle and lower ranks, the upper ranks seem to have settled to some extent.

It is unclear whether the current ranking will continue throughout the first half.

The KBO League will soon enter into a full-scale physical battle. The rankings may change again depending on the progress of the remaining 40 days from June when the heat begins to the break in the first half. It is the time when the victory or defeat depends on how efficiently you manage it amid the accumulation of physical strength and fatigue in the heat. It is also a time when the difference in depth between each team is clearly revealed. It was a scene that happened every season that he was in the top ranks and then fell because he could not fill the vacancy, or on the contrary, he was crouched in the bottom ranks and then went up with the power of depth. This year, it could be repeated. The fact that the competition is still unfolding in a position where the ranking can change depending on the results of the three consecutive matches is also a reason why we cannot be relieved with the current ranking.

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