Our Texas has changed ‘3 consecutive wins to the NL championship team’

The Texas Rangers, who have not advanced to the postseason for the last six consecutive seasons, have changed. He won three consecutive victories over the Philadelphia Phillies, who won the National League championship last year.

Texas held the 2023 season opening series with San Diego at its home stadium, Globe Life Field, from the 31st (hereinafter Korean time) to the 3rd of last month.

The result is Texas 3 wins and Philadelphia 3 losses. Results were not easily predicted. Texas showed formidable firepower in the first two games, and played tenaciously in the third game.

In the opening game on the 31st of last month, Texas won an 11-7 come-from-behind victory despite ace Jacob deGrom giving up 5 runs in 3 2/3 innings. He scored 9 points in the 4th inning.

Following this, Texas won 16-3 after boasting firepower of 17 hits and 16 points in the second game on the 2nd. Mitch Garber had 6 RBIs, including 2 homers.

Also, Texas scored only two points in the last three games on the 3rd, but the mound gave up only one point on nine hits and three walks and won 2-1.

In other words, in the first two games, they won thanks to the explosion of the other line, and in the third game, they won a thrilling victory by one point after a persistent game.

In particular, Texas coach Bruce Bochy suppressed Philadelphia’s batting line by replacing the starting pitchers Martin Perez, Brock Burke, Jonathan Hernandez,스포츠토토 and Will Smith in the last three games.

This is just 3 out of 162 games. However, Philadelphia is a strong team that reached the top of the National League last year. Winning all three of these matches is significant enough.

Texas has greatly strengthened its mound power with deGrom and Nathan Eboldi ahead of this season. As a result, they are aiming for their first postseason advance since 2016.

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