On-site video taken by Jamboree participants… ‘The poor body’

Amid controversy over the poor environment메이저사이트 of the ’25th World Scout Jamboree’ held in Saemangeum, Buan, Jeollabuk-do, a participant vividly disclosed the situation at the venue, causing controversy. On the 2nd, Jamie

, a participant from Wales, uploaded a video of herself filming the Jamboree venue on her YouTube channel ‘ Jamboree Jamie ‘. In the video released, Jamie boarded a bus to Saemangeum after enjoying a two-day trip to Seoul with Welsh participants. He arrived at the venue having a good time with the participants, eating Korean snacks, touring rest areas, and explaining about Korean rest areas. Despite the hot weather, the participants wore scout uniforms and sang loudly, unable to hide their excitement. However, after the opening ceremony, Jamie introduced the inside of the camp and shower room, tired from the heat. There was a shelf to store belongings in the dressing area in the shower room, but the rod supporting it was bent and was on the verge of collapsing. “It’s too cold,” Jamie laments. In addition, there were water marks on the floor of the shower room, presumably muddy water, and 8 shower stalls were also covered only with cloth and looked poor. Returning to the tent, Jamie confided with a tired expression, “Today’s opening ceremony was not good” and “It’s too hard”.

This channel was opened by Jamie to record his participation in the Jamboree, and Jamie recorded his preparations before coming to Korea and his appearance after arriving in Korea. In the previous video, Jamie enjoyed touring around Seoul with her friends. However, after participating in the competition, she showed signs of disappointment at the poor field conditions.

Her netizens leave comments on Jamie’s video, such as “As a Korean, I apologize instead” and “I must have come to make memories, but as a Korean, I am so upset and sorry for the poor situation.”

The Jamboree is a youth camp held every four years by the World Scout Federation. This year’s Jamboree, held at Saemangeum reclaimed land in Buan-gun, Jeollabuk-do, was attended by 43,225 students from 158 countries around the world who are active as leaders in their respective schools. Teenagers from all over the world visited Korea for vacation, but many people suffer from heat-related illnesses due to the continuous heat wave. In addition, the poor conditions of the venue have been reported, and concerns over whether it is disgrace to the nation continue.

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