Oklahoma City, ranked 12th, prefers to increase the nomination order

The Oklahoma City Thunder are targeting the upcoming 2023 draft.

According to ESPN reporter Jonathan Giboni,안전놀이터 Oklahoma City is hoping to boost the pick in the draft.

Oklahoma City secured the 12th overall pick in the first round of the upcoming draft. The Orlando Magic have multiple lottery picks, in contrast to the Indiana Pacers and Brooklyn Nets multiple first-round tickets.

However, Oklahoma City is the club with the most first-round picks to take advantage of over the years through an intense rebuild over the years. Therefore, it is understood that he is trying to secure the right to nominate a higher order than the 12th rank by using this this time. It is worth aiming for a rise in the order if you start trading through draft picks or previously secured prospects in the future.

Oklahoma City made the same trade last year. In addition to self-nomination rights and those secured prior to the draft, three first-rounders were added. Then, through a trade with the New York Knicks, he brought Usman Zheng (2022 1st round, 11th pick). Oklahoma City handed New York three 2023 first-round tickets.

Those picks come from the Detroit Pistons (18th overall protection), Denver Nuggets (14th overall protection) and Washington Wizards (14th overall protection). However, with Detroit and Washington performing poorly this season, New York won’t get it as the original team will exercise. Denver’s draft rights go to the Charlotte Hornets.

After trading with Oklahoma City, New York immediately traded with Detroit and Charlotte Hornets. New York hoped to relieve Kemba Walker of his contract, as Detroit preferred Charlotte’s Jaylen Duren (2022 1st round, 13th pick). As a result, Detroit secured Duren’s rights as a condition of taking on Walker’s remaining contract (and later parting), and New York handed over the nomination right to Charlotte.

New York handed over Denver’s picks from Oklahoma City to Charlotte. Denver’s nomination right was protected by the lottery, so this time it was finally transferred to Charlotte. Charlotte will exercise the 27th overall pick in the upcoming draft. New York didn’t get a first round pick in this draft. As much as Oklahoma City had a successful deal, it is expected to try a wide range of naming rights exchanges this time.

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