Ohtani confirmed for Dodgers? 5 billion dollars… Trade or FA ‘I’ll wait’

 “In any case, the Dodgers have the financial strength to compete with other teams.”

Another story came up that Shohei Ohtani (LA Angels)’ next destination would be the Los Angeles Dodgers. On the 10th (hereinafter Korean time), CBS Sports picked the Dodgers at No. 1, the New York Mets at No. 2, the San Francisco Giants at No. 3, and the Los Angeles Angels at No. 4 as the teams that Ohtani will join in the 2024 season.

The dominant view is that the Dodgers are shrinking in the 2022-2023 free agent market to go all-in on Ohtani’s recruitment. There is no actual multi-year contract or large contract. He signed contracts with JD Martinez for $10 million per year and Noah Syndergaard for $13 million per year. Even Trevi Bauer, who had issues outside of baseball, was kicked out. 메이저사이트

It is analyzed that after reducing the payroll as much as possible this winter, they will try to catch Ohtani, who is talking about a contract amount of more than 500 million dollars in the free agent market a year later. It also fits Ohtani’s propensity to win the championship the best. The Dodgers are also a team that wants to win every year.

CBS Sports said, “The Dodgers have been chasing Ohtani since he was an amateur. They could involve acquiring Ohtani before the trade deadline and then signing an extension, like Mookie Betts, or it could mean going all-out once the free agent period begins. In any case, the Dodgers have the financial strength to compete with other teams. And they have aspirations to make Ohtani a Dodgers player.”

The New York Mets are a formidable opponent. However, CBS Sports pointed out that the variable is that it is unknown how the owner of ‘billionaire’ Steve Cohen will deal with the luxury tax. The Mets have already made large-scale investments in the free agent market, and the payroll has gone up a lot.

The Los Angeles Angels were included in fourth place, but CBS Sports did not actually see Ohtani staying with the Angels. It was also pointed out that if the Angels were recently sold, Ohtani could choose to remain depending on the financial strength of the new owner and the performance this season. However, CBS Sports said, “Ohtani already received less money when he entered the major leagues. He has already shown that money is not the main motivation.”

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