Nominated for ‘first player’ Coach Ho-cheol Kim “Ponpun, you don’t need to touch much”

 The main character who caught the first setter was none other than IBK Industrial Bank of Korea. The captain of the Thai national team now wears the IBK’s blue uniform. 

On the 21st, the ‘2023 KOVO Women’s Asian Quarter Draft’ was held at the Sangam Stanport Hotel. 

The annual salary of the players selected in the Asia Quarter Tryout is $100,000 (including tax) for both men and women, and there is no limit to the number of renewal contracts. In addition, to establish fairness between clubs, one player can be selected with the same 1/7 probability per team. 

A total of 24 players (Thailand 8, Philippines 6, Japan 3, Indonesia 3, Taiwan 2, Hong Kong 2) submitted applications. Among them, 11 strikers, 5 middle blockers, 3 liberos, and 5 setters challenged the Korean stage.

IBK Industrial Bank of Korea won the first place, and Hyundai Engineering & Construction took the second place. In the third place, KGC Ginseng Corporation was named. Subsequently, Korea Expressway Corporation in 4th place, Pepper Savings Bank in 5th place, and GS Caltex took the 6th place, and Heungkuk Life Insurance took the last place. 

Setter Phonpun Gedpard (173cm), who was considered the biggest among women’s Asian quota players, is currently the captain of the Thai national team and performed well at the 2022 VNL and World Championships. Industrial Bank of Korea director Kim Ho-cheol, who took the first pick, chose Fontun without hesitation. 

Coach Kim, who was interviewed after the nomination, said, “I thought he was a player who could make use of the quick attack and height that our team had been pursuing.” said.

However, there are concerns. Fontun has to digest numerous international competition schedules, such as the 2023 VNL, which will be held from May 30, the Hangzhou Asian Games in September, and the 2024 Paris Olympic qualifiers. Because of this, the off-season joining is delayed, and breathing maintenance is expected to be somewhat delayed.먹튀검증

Regarding this, coach Kim said, “Until Phonpun comes in, Kim Ha-kyung is in charge of the whole, and Ponpun seems to be playing volleyball in his own way, so there is no need to touch it much.”

As a foreign player, he is a commanding tower with experience in the Italian league. When asked about Ponpun, who walked the same path, coach Kim said, “The setter is a lead company, and it is the leaders’ job to allow them to play the volleyball they think.” It is right to open up talented players so they can do their best and help them from the side.”

In addition, when asked how to match the team’s breathing to Fontun’s fast toss, he said, “First of all, this year, whether or not Fontpun comes, I said that everyone should play volleyball.” He continued, “I still started physical exercise and I am pursuing and practicing a lot of movement. I consider myself lucky to bring Ponpun this time. I will make the players move quickly and do it as a team run by Ponpun.”

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