Mystery Case Files Game Series

The Secret Case Records series is one the most popular brands in the secret item game type. It joins the difficulties of different styles of riddles (going from the standard secret article games to other incredible riddles) along with the pleasant climate of wrongdoing whodunits and secret thrill rides. With seven games delivered up to this point – all of which have become smash hit and grant winning hits – this series is as yet pressing onward and seems as though it’s setting down deep roots for 카지노 quite a while. It has even gotten across to the versatile stage.

MCF: Huntsville

Huntsville is the game that began everything for Secret Case Records. Climb the wrongdoing battling positions from new kid on the block to dominate analyst in this exemplary secret article game whodunit where bird eyes make all the difference.

Settle criminal cases via looking for hints and distinguishing suspects in the game that transformed the secret article game kind into a web sensation. Tackle unimportant burglaries and phonies in different districts, for example, the nearby hair salon and the library with the assistance of your handy dandy Wrongdoing PC.

MCF: Prime Suspects

Return to the universe of Secret Case Documents as the expert criminal investigator. This time, you face your greatest case yet: the robbery of the Sovereign’s Expectation, the biggest jewel on the planet.

Wipe out every one of your suspects in Capital City via looking for signs all through the numerous districts in the City, from the Rialto Theater to the sausage stand. Utilize the Wrongdoing PC to assist with recognizing suspects and strike off terrible leads. You can likewise open secret levels by finding and consolidating exceptional secret things dispersed all through the crime locations.

MCF: Ravenhearst

Have some time off from the universe of investigator wrongdoing battling and set out on a secret thrill ride in the curious English open country. Address the secret of Ravenhearst estate and of the American teacher who some way or another engaged in its secrets with appalling results.

Investigate the different rooms in Ravenhearst house and search for signs that will assist you with sorting out the journal of Emma the teacher, which will ideally uncover the mysteries of the manor and figure out the thing’s been tormenting this exquisite domain. Access locked rooms with new riddles that will challenge your psyche!

MCF: Madame Destiny

Progress forward with the excursion of the Expert Criminal investigator as you are employed by Madame Destiny, a fair proprietor. She has seen her own homicide later on and maintains that you should get the killer before it is past the point of no return!…

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