“My younger boyfriend turns into a ‘beggar’ after hearing about my income… Should I get married?”

A woman’s story was told that she was worried about whether she should get married because of her younger boyfriend, who revealed his so-called ‘beggar mentality’ after disclosing each other’s income. A, a woman in her late 20s who posted a story on JTBC’s ‘Case Leader’ on the 16th, said that she runs a one-person beauty salon and that she has been dating her boyfriend, B, who is one year younger than her and is a newcomer to society, for a year

. Ms. A, who said that her boyfriend, Mr. B, is very considerate and메이저사이트 is even thinking of getting married, she said that she has been in trouble ever since they recently disclosed each other’s income. After finding out that her income is more than hers, B reduces her own consumption, effectively making A spend her money. She says that the dating expenses that were borne by each other ended up falling on Mr. A 7 out of 10 times after the income was disclosed. Mr. B even brought her friends without her telling them and made her pay, saying, “It’s her girlfriend’s paying, so eat as much as you can.” There were also cases where when Ms. A went to buy her clothes, Ms. B held up the clothes she liked and said, “Don’t they look good on me?” or asked her to buy her daily necessities at her supermarket. Person A complained that Ms. B also began to get involved in her own spending. It is said that he continued to point out things such as, ‘Why are you buying such expensive shoes?’ and ‘Why are you putting so much into her friend’s condolence expenses?’ Ms. A claims that she even brought her younger brother or friend to the beauty salon she ran and asked them to get their hair done for free.

Afterwards, Mr. A said to Mr. B, “Things are bad these days,” and “It would be nice if you could cover half the cost of the date for the time being.” In addition, it was agreed that Mr. A would bear the burden from the 1st to the 15th of every month, and Mr. B would bear the burden from the 16th to the last day of each month.

But here another problem arose. Mr. B only asked to go to expensive places such as beef during the period that Mr. A decided to bet on, but after the middle of the infield season, he recommended going to a snack bar, watching Netflix, and going on a date at the park.

In particular, Mr. B said that he had no intention of inheriting Mr. A’s family business, but when he belatedly heard of the business profits, he stormed out, saying, “Tell me again.” It is said that Mr. A lost his affection for this.

After hearing the story, Kim Eun-bae, former head of the international crime investigation team at the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, said, “You shouldn’t (get married),” and added, “This man swallows what’s sweet, spits out when it’s bitter, and is servile.” He then said, “They say he is kind, but you should never believe this,” and advised, “Use this opportunity to cut him with a single knife.”

On the other hand, Park Sang-hee, director of the Sharon Mental Health Research Institute, said, “I think it wouldn’t be a bad idea to give a man another chance, provided he communicates well, is kind, and doesn’t cheat,” and added, “It’s not that the money issue came first, but that they had a good relationship and then got married.” “It’s because I decided to do it,” he said. He added, “I didn’t date her because I knew from the beginning that she was the daughter of a wealthy family.”

Reporter Seung-gon Han (hsg@fnnews.com)

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