My father stole 84 but my son stole 13…U.S. media “Lee Jung-hoo, not as fast as you think” is a deep regret

“Your contact ability is excellent, but it’s not as fast as you think”.

U.S. sports media “Just Baseball” made the remarks on Lee Jung-hoo (San Francisco Giants outfielder), the “grandchild of the wind,” who has made his big league debut a month ago on the 29th (Korea time). The media said Lee Jung-hoo’s contact ability is among the best in the major leagues, but the speed does not meet expectations.
“Lee Jung-hoo was almost identical to what was known so far,” Just Baseball said. “He makes a lot more contacts than Louis Arraez (Miami Marlins), the former batting champion. Lee’s strikeout ratio is 8.8 percent, the lowest among NL hitters.”

As is well known, Lee Jung-hoo’s father, former LG coach Lee Jong-beom, is considered one of the best players in the history of professional baseball, as he recorded a total of 510 steals during his active career. Notably, he recorded 84 steals in 1994, the most in a single season. 토토사이트

On the other hand, Lee set a personal record of 13 steals in 2019. “Lee is the son of Korean baseball legend Lee Jong-beom, who is called the Son of the Wind, but he is not as fast as I thought,” the media said. “Lee has never had more than 13 stolen bases in Korea, and he has never tried to steal more than 20 stolen bases in seven years.”

This is not the first time that it has been argued that Lee Jung-hoo should show aggressive base running. The official major league website “ ” presented San Francisco’s three improvements on the 11th, stressing that it should pressure the opponent with active base running.

“San Francisco had 57 steals last year, the lowest among the 30 major league teams. As of Thursday, San Francisco is the only team that has no stolen base among the 30 teams this season,” the media outlet said.

“ ” continued, “Terio Estrada topped the list of stolen bases with 23 steals last year, but he didn’t have many opportunities to show off his speed because he had difficulty getting on base,” adding, “Lee Jung-hoo was the best record in a season with 13 steals in seven years in the KBO League. San Francisco hopes Lee Jung-hoo, who has more than average focus, will show aggressive base running.”

Both “Just Baseball” and “ ” both expressed regret that Lee failed to inherit his father’s quick feet. It also means that Lee has high expectations for Lee.

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