Moon Seong-gon, who transferred to kt, “I want to grow with a new team… My first goal is spring basketball”

 Professional basketball 2022-2023 season Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation put Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation on the unified champion, and Moon Seong-gon, wearing a Suwon kt uniform as a free agent (FA), said, “I am excited to grow with a new team. “, he said.안전놀이터

Moon Seong-gon visited kt training gym in Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do on the 25th and said, “It’s a place where I came to practice a few times when I was in the old team, but it feels different from then.” .

Moon Seong-gon, the league’s best “defender” who won the Best Defense Award for four consecutive seasons, recorded an average of 7 points and 5.5 rebounds in the regular league at Ginseng Corporation in the 2022-2023 season.

Moon Seong-gon, who was nominated by Ginseng Corporation as the first overall pick in the 2015 rookie draft, was expected to remain as a free agent as the team’s franchise star, but chose to transfer to kt.

The terms of his contract are for a period of 5 years and a total compensation of 780 million won in the first year.

The conditions are better than the total compensation of 750 million won in the first year of Oh Se-geun, who left for Seoul SK after winning the championship at Ginseng Corporation. Although we have to wait until June when the salary negotiations for non-FA players are over, there is a possibility that he will become the ‘salary king’ for now.

Moon Seong-gon said, “Kt told me many things, but I felt that it was a team that would grow together.” He expressed his gratitude for kt’s sincerity, saying, “I was in Busan during the FA period, and I could come up and sign a contract, but they even came to Busan directly.” .

He said, “Han Hee-won and Choi Chang-jin are my draft mates, and there are many players close to me, such as Choi Seong-mo, Ha Yoon-ki, Park Jun-young, and Jung Sung-woo.”

“(Heo) Hoon is also an MVP level player in the league, but he can grow further, and I want other players to grow into a strong team likewise.”

Regarding kt from the outside, Moon Seong-gon explained, “I felt like I won too much after winning once or twice.”

At that time, kt, who went straight to the semifinals, faced Ginseng Corp., which came up through the semifinals. After kt won the first game, Ginseng Corp. won all the second to fourth games.

Moon Seong-gon said, “In the first game, Ginseng Corporation lost, but I thought it was ‘worth it’ because I fought well without Omari Spellman, and kt rather felt like the series was over.” If I reduce the burden on those players on defense, there will be a better synergy effect.”

Although the expression ‘the best defensive ability in the league’ is rather misunderstood as ‘a player who only defends’, Moon Seong-gon said, “Rather than suddenly increasing my attack attempts, I focused on defending and rehabilitated my finger injury this year. If things get better through this, they will naturally achieve some balance.”

After the 2022-2023 season, Ginseng Corporation, which became a’parent’, had a wide range of team changes.

Oh Se-geun and Moon Seong-gon became free agents and left for other teams, and Yang Hee-jong retired and Byun Jun-hyung enlisted.

Moon Seong-gon said, “I feel a little like that,” and “I received a lot of messages of support on social media, but I usually cursed a lot, but this time, I read a lot of messages from ‘Please stay’ and thought, ‘Am I a player who was loved this much?’ I was also happy,” he said, looking back on the FA negotiations.

He set up “restoration of honor” as a goal for the new season at kt.

Moon Seong-gon said, “We were in 8th place last season, so we have to restore our honor.”

He said, “First of all, this is the start of this year, and I want to at least go to the semifinals while playing basketball this spring, and the championship match requires some luck, but I will try.”

Up until now, the burden of being the ‘salary king’ was said resolutely, “I have no choice but to overcome it.”

Moon Seong-gon said, “The evaluation will become more cold, and I have to overcome and prove it.” -Announced a new start for the 2024 season.

Basketball fans are highly anticipating what kind of change the addition of Moon Seong-gon, who has won three championships at Ginseng Corporation to kt, which has yet to win the championship, will bring about a wind of change.

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