ML pitcher with Korean tattoo “Participating in the Korean national team means a lot to me”

Korean major leaguer Dane Dunning (29, Texas Rangers) was sincere about her mother country, Korea. Although participation in the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) was canceled due to injury, the 2026 WBC hoped to be able to participate as a member of the Korean national team.

The Dallas Morning News, a local Texas media outlet, published an interview with Dunning on the 12th (Korean time), saying, “How Dunning’s family, a Korean heritage, formed the most productive pitcher in Texas.”

Dunning, who has been in his 4th year since his major league (ML) debut this year, is showing his best start. He recorded 10 games (2 starts), 3 wins, no losses, an earned run average of 1.72, and 19 strikeouts in 31⅓ innings, contributing to the team’s upward trend.

On the 11th, the Texas club’s social media featured Dunning as a representative of the team in celebration of Asian/Pacific Heritage Month. In the video, Dunning introduced the Korean tattoo that reads ‘same blood’ on his right arm and explained the meaning of the same blood in English, saying, “It’s a tattoo that all three of us are wearing.”

Dunning was born as the youngest of three siblings between an American father John Dunning (59) and a Korean mother (59) Jung Mi-soo. His older brother Jake Dunning (35, retired) is also a pitcher who debuted in the major leagues. In an interview with the Dallas Morning News, Dunning said, “I really like this Korean tattoo. I’ve been away from my family for a long time, but every time I see this tattoo, I think of my family. It gives me the feeling that I’m always with my family.”

Dane Dunning is smiling as he reveals his Korean tattoo./Photo = Texas Rangers official SNS capture

Dunning, who married a sweetheart she met while at the University of Florida in 2019, will soon have a child and become parents. “My parents have always put our three siblings first,” Dunning said. “I want to do the same for my soon-to-be-born child. I want to give my child everything I can and give him the best life possible.”

According to Dunning, her parents made a lot of sacrifices for their two sons who were aspiring baseball players. Her father, who served in the US Army in Korea, took care of his family by dispatching troops to Iraq and Afghanistan even after the children were born. Despite the discrimination and contempt against Asian women, her mother quietly earned money without showing any signs to her children.

The Dallas Morning News also interviewed Jung Mi-soo, telling his family that he hadn’t changed his glasses for 15 years and that he always showed only a smile to his family.토토사이트

Dunning’s dedication to her mother is something she hoped to repay by participating in the Korean national baseball team, even though she had never been to Korea since her childhood. Dunning has consistently expressed her intention to participate as a member of the Korean national team in relation to the 2023 WBC, but her joining was unsuccessful as she underwent hip surgery in September last year. “Dunning was still recovering from hip surgery last offseason, but his eyes were on the WBC in 2026,” the Dallas Morning News reported.

Dunning said, “I think participating in the Korean national baseball team means a lot to my mother. The same goes for me.”

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