‘Megatron’ Mega Blitz‥”Now or Never?”

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There’s a player making waves in women’s volleyball this season. 카지노사이트

She’s a mega-player from Indonesia who joined the AsiaQuarter 1 team.

She’s so good and popular that she was named the first-round MVP.

Song Ki-sung reports.

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The first-ever Asian Quarterly Draft was held seven months ago.

“KGC Ginseng Corporation Volleyball Team will draft Megawati!”

Megawatti, an unfamiliar-looking player in a hijab.

stepped on Korean soil under the name “Mega.

[Megawattie/Jung Kwan-jang].
“I like the nickname ‘Megatron’ because that robot from Transformers is very strong, and my spikes are also strong, so I think it’s a perfect nickname.”

And it was an eye-catcher right out of the gate.

She finished fourth in scoring and second in offensive success rate, and was named first-round MVP, beating out the likes of Kim Yeon-kyung.

[Megawattie/Jung Kwan-jang]
“I used to be the kind of player who would ask for a picture, but now that I can play head-to-head with Kim Yeon-kyung, I think I feel a little better.”

Mega’s “mega” performance also excited Indonesian fans.

The club’s social media following, which started at 20,000, is approaching 100,000 in just four months, and the tear-jerking win over Heungkuk Sinsang was watched by a whopping 5.16 million people online.

“The presence of the Indonesian fans is really giving us a lot of strength. I would love to take a picture with everyone next time I have the chance.”

Along with their skills, the team is also very popular.

[Head Coach Ko Hee-jin/Jung Kwan-jang]
“It’s called personality, and it plays a very important role in integrating with the players… He’s a perfect score in that regard.”

Mega, 24, is also immersed in K-culture, including Korean dramas and food.

[Megawattie/Jung Kwan-jang]
“I love Korean dramas. Kim Bok Joo, the weightlifting fairy, Boys in Love, that year we… I don’t watch it every day, but sometimes.”

Mega’s conquest of the V-League is just beginning.

[Megawattie/Jung Kwan-jang].
“I always play with the thought, ‘If I don’t win now, when will I win?’ Please support us a lot!”

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