Manchester City fans in ‘shock and astonishment’, Man City scoring monster Hollan, this time tries ‘9-year-old girl perm’

Is this the hair of a 9-year-old girl?’

Manchester City’s signature striker Elling Haalan (22), who appeared at the training ground, shocked the fans with his unique hairstyle. If the purpose was to surprise the opponent, he is a great success in transforming his hairstyle. Fans were shocked because Hollan came out with an unexpected and unconventional style this time. Fans who saw this criticized it all on social media.

Hollan appeared at the team training ground on the 11th (Korean time) with a new hairstyle. Manchester City will play the first leg of the quarterfinals of the UEFA Champions League against Bayern Munich on the 12th. A strong opponent who is a candidate for the championship. Man City desperately need Haalan’s performance to win. Halan came to the training ground with a new hairstyle and trained hard.

The problem is because of Halan’s hairstyle. His hair was parted in two parts, starting from the bangs, and then tucked back into an all-back style. Halan frequently changes his hairstyle. I also let his long hair hang down and tied it tightly behind him. The problem is that his choices have been getting weirder lately. Beyond the long hair stage, she is now trying out various perms.

This time, it was the ‘9-year-old girl look’. Fans pointed out that the hairstyle was reminiscent of Greta Thunberg, a well-known environmentalist girl. One fan commented on social media,먹튀검증 “Am I the only one who thinks Hollan’s hairstyle looks like a 9-year-old girl?” Another fan gave a positive review, saying ‘Hollan’s Viking Mode has been activated’.

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