Malice itself… Chinese media’s slander, “Son Jun-ho likes to drink” → Chinese netizens are also absurd

The Chinese media suddenly criticized Son Jun-ho (31, Taishan, Shandong).

On the 16th (Korean time), China’s ‘’ claimed that there was also a privacy issue about Son Jun-ho, who was forcibly detained by the public security.

According to Reuters on the 15th, Son Jun-ho was detained by Chinese Shenyang authorities on the 12th. He said that Son Jun-ho was transferred from Shandong Province, where he is staying, and is being investigated. 

Initially, it was speculated that he was involved in match fixing in China. For Shandong, Jin Jingdao, a Korean-Chinese midfielder, was recently arrested for match-fixing and illegal gambling, and former coach Hao Wei also disappeared for similar reasons.

However, it was revealed that Son Jun-ho is being investigated for bribery charges, not match-fixing. Chinese media also scrambled to report that he was suspected of being involved in a bribery case, and that he was arrested in an unusual way despite being a foreign player.

Both the Korean and Chinese soccer worlds were shocked. This is because Son Jun-ho is loved by many fans in China with his sincere and diligent image.

Previously, China’s ‘Sina Sports’ said, “Many fans were surprised. He played a big role in defense and attack, and made a big contribution to winning the Shandong Super League and FA Cup in the 2021 season. It’s surprising that a sincere-looking foreign player is being dragged.” told

Although the exact inside story is still unknown, it is known that Son Jun-ho is denying the allegations. There is still no evidence or progress in the investigation in China.

It is a chaos caused by the Chinese way of handling foreign nationals without clear evidence or explanation. However, in this situation, there was also a senseless slander.

Citing a journalist’s report, said, “Son Jun-ho is forcibly detained by the public security and is under investigation. Son Jun-ho’s aides and acquaintances are all appealing his innocence.”

The media claimed, “Son Jun-ho has a problem with his usual life attitude apart from the public security investigation.”

He continued, “Korean players, including Son Jun-ho, also have problems in their daily life relatively. Like Chinese players, Korean players like to drink.”메이저놀이터

Not only has it not been revealed at all, but it has disparaged all Korean players while discussing the personal life of Son Jun-ho, who has not yet been found guilty or guilty.

Chinese netizens also reacted with absurdity to the content of the report that was so malicious. 

Other netizens criticized, “Jack Grealish also enjoys drinking and partying after the game. What are you talking about?”

One fan pointed out, “No, whether or not you just broke the law is important. Whether you like alcohol or not, what does it matter?”

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