Malcolm Brockdon named Sixth Man of the Year for the first time

The Boston Celtics are producing an award winner for the first time in a long time.

According to 『』, ‘The President’ Malcolm Brogdon (guard, 193cm, 104kg) of Boston was selected as the Sixth Man of the Year this season.

Brogdon was traded to Boston ahead of this season. Coming off the bench in Boston, he put his experience and leadership skills to good use.카지노 He’s been instrumental in helping Boston do well this season.

Boston has had no ties to the division since the last 1985-1986 season. He was the first top six man since Bill Walton was elected at the time. Not only that, he was named Sixth Man of the Year for three consecutive seasons starting with the second season, 1983-1984, when he was newly established. In other words, he became the third best sixth man in Boston after Kevin McHale and Walton.

This season, he came off the bench completely for the first time since entering the NBA. This is because Boston already had a strong existing history, led by First Brown. In the 2016-2017 season, when he was a rookie, he went back and forth between the starting lineup and the bench, but this season, he did not play a single game as a starting lineup. Nonetheless, he performed remarkably well.

He recorded 14.9 points (.484 .444 .870), 4.2 rebounds and 3.7 assists in 26 minutes per game in 67 regular season games. The average of two 3-pointers for the season was accompanied by a success rate of nearly 45%, and it became a great force on the outside as well as on the Boston bench. He performed so well that his record was estimated to have averaged over 20 points per 36 minutes.

In addition to Brown and Marcus Smart, Boston also has Derek White. I had no choice but to give it time to play. It may not have been easy for him to tune his sense of the game as he had to come off the bench virtually for the first time in his career. He actually had occasional ups and downs. But he’s helped the team far more than when he’s slowing down, and his performances have helped Boston do well this season.

Other shortlisted names were Bobby Portis (Milwaukee) and Immanuel Quikley (New York). However, the gap was significant. Quikley received 34 first-place votes, but Brogdon nearly doubled the number with 60. Except for these three, no one got the first place vote. Brockdon and Quikley were the only two to score more than 300 points in the vote.

Meanwhile, Brogdon entered the NBA through the 2016 draft. He was called up by the Milwaukee Bucks with a 6th pick in the 2nd round. After being named Rookie of the Year, he spent three seasons with Milwaukee before joining the Indiana Pacers. He became a key force in Indiana. He also signed an extended contract (2 years, $45 million). However, he was traded to Boston last summer.

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