Lim Young-woong’s fans were shocked… Man in his 30s arrested for taking 40 million won from ‘concert ticket sales’

A man in his 30s was arrested for stealing more메이저사이트 than 40 million won by pretending to sell tickets to singer Lim Young-woong’s concert.

The Yongin Eastern Police Station in Gyeonggi Province announced on the 26th that it had arrested Mr. A, in his 30s, on charges of fraud.

According to the police, from last May to early this month, Mr. A wrote false posts such as ‘I am selling Lim Young-woong concert tickets’ on an online second-hand trading site. Afterwards, he is accused of receiving and stealing about 44 million won from about 100 people who expressed their intention to purchase tickets.

After sequentially receiving complaints from the victims last June, the police booked Mr. A and investigated him.

It is known that Mr. A continued his crime by selling tickets to concerts of famous singers such as Psy, Sung Si-kyung, and Post Malone even while he was converted into a suspect and under police investigation.

The police said, “We believed that Mr. A committed the crime without the intention or ability to sell concert tickets, so we applied for an arrest warrant and the warrant was issued by the court on the 25th.” “Mr. A admits to all his crimes, and his arrest warrant was issued.” “We are investigating the crime,” he said.

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