‘Lim Dong-hyuk, Lee Jun-Jeong Han-yong’s 34-point collaboration’ Korean Air defeats the Australian League champion… 亞 Club Championship 1st Round Complete Victory

Korean Air won the first game of the 2023 Asian Men’s Club Volleyball Championship.

On the 14th (local time), Korean Air defeated Canberra Heat, the Australian Volleyball League champion last year, 3-0 (25-11, 25-21, 25-10) in the first match of Group A of the tournament held at the ISA Sports City Stadium in Manama, Bahrain. 12) was defeated.

About 20 Koreans from Bahrain cheered by mobilizing large national flags, and Korean Air, which won its first victory, got the first button right. Donghyuk Lim scored 13 points, Joon Lee scored 12 points, and Hanyong Jung scored 9 points to lead the victory.

Korean Air, which started the first set excluding Han and Kim Kyu-min, who did not participate in the tournament, and key players Jung Ji-seok and Kwak Seung-seok, took the lead with Lim Dong-hyuk and Jeong Han-yong. Thanks to setter Kwang-Woo Yoo’s skillful toss, Jin Ji-wi and Min-Jae Kim’s quick attack also succeeded.

As the mistakes of Canberra’s players became frequent, the score gap widened to 10 points at 18-8. Second-year setter Jeong Jin-hyeok, who replaced Yoo Kwang-woo, succeeded in attacking the pipe using Lee Jun, drawing cheers from the Koreans. Son Hyeon-jong blocked the opponent’s open attack and ended the first set 25-11.

The second set was tight until the end. Both teams exchanged mistakes while receiving was shaking. In the 18-18 tie, Jeong Han-yong scored with a clever parry. Then, Kwang-Woo Yoo’s back toss was followed by Dong-Hyeok Lim’s strong hit to take the lead. Joon Lee gave his team a 22-19 lead with an open attack that broke through the blocking wall. Lim Dong-hyuk broke the opponent’s momentum by scoring consecutively from the right flank. Lim Dong-hyuk was responsible for the final score (25-21) of the 2nd set with an attack with a difference in travel time.

Even in the third set, Lim Dong-hyuk’s attack was powerful, and Kim Min-jae and Jeong Han-yong also added points. Setter Yoo Kwang-woo shook the receive with a highly variable floater serve, while threatening the opponent with an exquisite toss. Jeong Han-yong made it 18-7 with two consecutive sub-aces. Rookie Libero Kang Seung-il experienced his first appearance in the Korean Air uniform through this tournament. Jin Ji-wi scored the last goal and Korean Air finished the game 25-12.

Before the Korean Air game, Shahdab Yazd (Iran), played by Saeed Marouf, one of the best setters in Asia, and South Gas Sports Club (Iraq), played by Nikola Melanyak, who has experience in the Korean V-League, faced each other before the Korean Air match. Korean Air coach Tommy Tilikhainen watched the match and pondered over countermeasures.토스카지노

The two players, who play side by side for Turkiye Fenerbahçe, participated in the tournament under short-term contracts with different teams.

Marouf led the team to a 3-0 (25-22, 25-14, 25-18) victory with an exquisite toss that broke the opponent’s predictions. Nicola showed off her power by succeeding in high RBI attacks several times, which she had shown on the Korean stage, but the team was completely defeated with inferiority in overall performance.

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