LG, which Yang Hong-seok missed 6 years ago, returns to its place as FA

Yang Hong-seok hit the jackpot as a free agent (FA). Above all, I found my place after 6 years. LG, which made up for its weaknesses, recruited Yang Hong-seok, looking to the future.

Yang Hong-seok, who was active at Suwon KT, signed a contract with Changwon LG for a 5-year contract period and 750 million won in compensation for the next season in the FA market.

In the meantime, LG had a strong tendency to struggle when facing tall forwards from the opposing team.

Yang Hong-seok also recorded an average of 13.7 points, 6.5 rebounds, 2.1 assists and a 3-point success rate of 36.2% (54/149) in the confrontation with LG. Looking at the records of each opposing team, Daegu Korea Gas Corporation (including Incheon Electronic Land, 13.9 points, 6.6 rebounds, 2.4 assists, and 38.2% 3-point shot success rate) is the second highest.

Going back to the time when LG revealed its forward weakness, it was the time when it had to give Yang Hong-seok to KT even after winning the second place in the 2017 KBL rookie draft. LG even exchanged the 1st and 2nd round nominations when they gave up Kim Young-hwan and recruited Cho Seong-min.

At the time of the draft nomination lottery, LG coach Hyun Joo-yeop was about to leave the draft scene when the second pick came out. It greatly expressed the regret that the opportunity to make up for the weakness flew away. Heo Hoon was selected as the first player ahead of Yang Hong-seok.

By recruiting Yang Hong-seok this time, LG washed away the pain at the time and returned it to its place.

An LG official said in a phone call on the 18th, “I started talking about it when I started meeting Yang Hong-seok. ‘For six years, Yang Hong-seok’s position was vacant. He said, ‘Shouldn’t that be filled? When I asked, ‘Did you see me going outside when our numbers came out at the draft site?’, he said, ‘I saw’. ‘It was such a pity. He has to find his place. (Player Yang Hong-seok) started the interview by saying, “He has to come to his place in his house.”안전놀이터

He continued, “It is good for the club to give good results right away. After Yang Hong-seok solves the military issue, he needs to be centered. I took that into consideration as well. Yang Jun-seok and Park Jung-hyun also need to grow. The players are doing well now, but as time passed, I thought that if they (Yang Jun-seok, Yang Hong-seok, Park Jung-hyun) grow and become competitive in their positions, the team will become stronger.” I didn’t just watch the next season. I saw a little farther and bigger. Of course, I am curious about how to make up for the lacking parts in the next season,” he added, explaining the reason for recruiting Yang Hong-seok.

Through the recruitment of Yang Hong-seok, LG washed away the pain of six years ago and gained a future.

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