LG defeats Hyundai Mobis in a ‘hard-fought game’ … first six-game win streak of the season

LG defeats Hyundai Mobis in a close game.

Changwon LG defeated Ulsan Hyundai Mobis 88-80 in the regular season finale of the 2023-2024 Korean Professional Basketball League at Dongcheon Gymnasium in Ulsan on Nov. 11. It was the first six-game winning streak of the season. Maintained sole possession of second place (15-5). Closed to within two games of first-place Wonju DB (17-3).

Asem Marei (202 cm, C) held his own. And Lee Jae-do (180cm, G) cracked the Hyundai Mobis defense with a 2-on-2 in the fourth quarter. The one-two punch was centering, and LG was able to hold off Hyundai Mobis.

LG was the first team to take the lead. Yoo Yoo-sang (188 cm, G) hit a three-pointer and his backcourt partner Yang Jun-seok (181 cm, G) cut through the Hyundai Mobis defense. More importantly, LG’s scoring pace was fast, and the team jumped out to a double-digit lead (18-8) just 4:11 into the game.
Hyundai Mobis didn’t take this lying down. They called a timeout to stop LG’s momentum. Park Mubin (187 cm, G) and Gage Prim (205 cm, C) exploded at the same time. Park from the perimeter and Prim from the paint zone.
LG led the first five minutes of the first quarter, and Hyundai Mobis led the last five minutes of the first quarter. The flow was different, but there were common characteristics. The first team showed “strong defensive intensity” and “fast offensive development speed”. This was something both coaches emphasized before the game.

The direction of LG coaches Cho Sang-hyun and Cho Dong-hyun is pretty much the same. It’s ‘defense’ and ‘quick offense after defense’. Well, the big one is ‘defense’ anyway.
Was that the reason? The physicality of both teams was fierce. Because of the intense physicality of both teams, the offensive efficiency of both teams was not very high.
It was LG who came out on top on defense. In particular, at the 3:40 mark of the second quarter and the 3:26 mark of the second quarter, Lee Kwan-hee (G, 191 cm) and Justin Gutang (F, 188 cm) stepped up to defend the screener.
They blocked ball-handler Kebe Aluma’s (F, 206 cm) path to the basket, then stayed low to intercept the ball. He ran fast and scored on the fast break. After being down by two points for most of the second quarter, LG was somewhat relieved of the pressure from Hyundai Mobis.

LG coach Cho Sang-hyun and Hyundai Mobis coach Cho Dong-hyun had something in common. “(HMD or LG) are not easy to play against. (HMD or LG) are tough” is the key.
While the colors of the two teams are similar, so are their energy levels and fighting spirit. The colors are the only thing that’s different, and that’s why LG and Hyundai Mobis don’t make it easy for each other.
The third quarter was the same for both teams. Neither team found it easy to exploit the other. The teams were evenly matched, with only a difference in flow. So it looked like it was going to be an interesting game. As the end was approaching, that feeling was even stronger.

LG couldn’t pull away, and Hyundai Mobis couldn’t create a clear turning point. The first four minutes of the fourth quarter went by like that. It was hard to tell if either team would win or lose.
However, the air in Dongcheon Gymnasium changed. Hyundai Mobis was the first team to change the atmosphere in Dongcheon Gymnasium. Park Mubin and Lee Woo-seok (196 cm, G) hit three-pointers, and Prim made a three-pointer to pull the game back to 74-73 with 3:47 left in the game. 랭크카지노
LG didn’t take it lying down. Yang Hong-seok (195 cm, F) put them back in front with a three, and Lee Jae-do converted a pass from Marei into a three with 1:40 left in the game. The three-pointer put LG back in front 81-76. The hot air in Dongcheon Gymnasium cooled.
LG had an absolute advantage. One minute and one second before the end of the game, Prim was called for a U-foul. After the U-foul, Yang Hong-seok hit a three-pointer in the offensive zone. Yang’s three-pointer proved to be a wedge. Thanks to this, LG had the last laugh in a game that went down to the wire.

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