‘Level up with 300 yards’ Bang Shin-sil, the secret is ground reaction force + swing speed training

“My goal for this season was to obtain a full seed, and I am very happy that it has already been achieved. It’s a dream-like moment.”

A ‘super rookie’ on a different level was born. Bang Sin-sil, a 19-year-old long-distance girl, won the first championship in her life at the Korean Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) Tour E1 Charity Open (total prize money of 900 million won).

The final third round of the tournament was held at Seongmunan Country Club (par 72) in Wonju, Gangwon Province on the 28th, when it rained heavily. Bang Sin-sil caught only 2 of her birdies without bogey, recording a final total of 9 under par 207 and winning by 2 strokes.

Shinsil Bang made her first appearance as a pro last month at her major event, the Chris F&C KLPGA Championship. Bang Shin-sil, who sent her long hits that reached 300 yards straight, announced her shocking appearance. He tied for the lead and then made consecutive bogeys at the end of the race to finish the event in 4th place, but interest in him increased. Two weeks ago, he was noticed as he competed for another win at the NH Investment & Securities Ladies Championship. He led by one stroke until the 16th hole of the final round, but made a mistake in the 17th hole (par 5) that his tee shot deviated greatly from the fairway, and missed the championship.

His third challenge was different. Bang Shin-sil, who competed for the championship again in two weeks, maintained the lead throughout the first to third rounds and achieved the ‘Wire to Wire’ victory. It is the 10th record of all time, following Shin Ji-ae (35, 2006) and Ryu So-yeon (33, 2008).

Ace of the national team finished 40th in the seed match, ‘troubled’

Bang Sin-sil was an ace who endured the intense national team system for three years. Selected as a national representative for the Hangzhou Asian Games, he turned professional in the second half of last year when the Asian Games were postponed for a year. For Bang Shin-sil, obtaining a full seed for the regular tour was a matter of course. Was it because of the burden of expectations? The final ranking in the seed ranking match is 40th. Although she lost 10 kg due to hyperthyroidism last year and struggled with her stamina, the ranking of 40th came as a shock to Bang Shin-sil. On the other hand, fellow national team member Kim Min-byeol (19) passed the seed match as the top scorer, and Hwang Yoo-min (20) also passed in 6th place, making Bang Sin-sil seem to be behind.

He was desperate and showed his skills from the regular tour. After playing in the championship group three times in the past month, he became the first rookie to win this year. The most gratifying thing about this victory is that it earned the right to participate in the regular tour until 2025. It was because securing a full seed was unknown because the number of competitions he could participate in was extremely small, with a maximum of around 10. As a result, starting with the Celltrion Queens Masters, which opens on the 9th of next month, they will be able to participate in all the remaining tournaments this year.

Having won 162 million won in prize money, he rose to 6th in prize money (278.89 million won) and 6th in grand prize points (146 points). His rookie award points also jumped to 3rd place (651 points), fueling the competition for the rookie award this season.

In the final round of the day, unlike the previous match, it was effective to play a game without mistakes. Bang Shin-sil said, “I was very disappointed that I missed the championship in the last two tournaments, but it was a good experience and I was able to win.” That’s why I caught more 3-woods than drivers during tee shots,” he explained.

It was the 16th hole (par 5) that Bang Shin-sil, who played safe by reducing one stroke until the 15th hole, had a premonition of victory. The second shot, which was aiming for a two-on, went slightly over the back of the green to the fringe. Bang Shin-sil also said, “This was the decisive match.”

Bang Shin-sil said, “There are many good players, so I want to put down my greed for being a rookie and do my best in every tournament I participate in. He said, “My goal is to be consistently in the top 10,” but he said, “I want to win the KB Financial Star Championship, a sponsored competition.”

The secret to long hitting is ground reaction force + speed training

Bang Shin-sil created a ‘long hit syndrome’ on the KLPGA tour by hitting driver tee shots approaching 300 yards several times in the five tournaments she participated in this year. Even with the 3-wood, Bang Sin-sil recorded 230m, surpassing the driver shots of most KLPGA tour players, and hit 145-150m with the 7-iron. With 130m left, he holds a 9-iron.

Bang Sin-sil’s average driver shot distance was only 250 yards a year ago. Although he was a long hitter, he was a disappointing distance compared to his tall 173cm height and stocky physique. Previously, his pelvis and upper body swayed greatly from side to side, and the ‘sway’ was so severe that it was a style that could not properly convey power. Since he could not use his lower body and swing mainly with his arms, he naturally had no choice but to suffer losses on the street. During his last year, he corrected his swing with a focus on distance and speed, and during winter training, he focused on increasing his swing speed.

Coach Lee Beom-ju, who guided Bang Shin-sil’s swing, told E-Daily, “I put a lot of effort into changing it into a swing that delivers power to the feet.” Coach Lee said, “The most important part of the swing in the room is the feet. On the backswing he puts pressure on his right foot and shifts his weight to his left foot on the downswing. He explained that he can make the maximum distance only when the motion of kicking the ground comes out as if he is jumping at impact.” It is to swing using the so-called ‘ground reaction force’.

Another trick is the hinge. In order to prevent excessive use of the hands, a hinge that folds the wrist toward the back of the right hand in the half of the backswing was applied. Coach Lee explained, “It is to compensate for the fact that the wrist is covered to the left and the hook comes out.”토토사이트

After correcting my swing, I spent more than an hour every day increasing my swing speed during the two and a half months of field training. I trained to apply power to my feet using a speed bomber, an instrument that develops strength and speed rhythm, and strengthened my lower body with rotex motion to strengthen my foot pressure and core function. A 30cm-long rubber band was hung on a regular driver shaft to continue full swing and increase the speed of arm movement.

Thanks to this, Bang Shin-sil’s swing speed, which was 96 mph, reached 109 mph, far exceeding the speed of KLPGA tour players. Considering that the average swing speed of male players is 113 mph, that’s a staggering number.

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