“Let’s retire together” A sad day when ‘Best Friend’ left, a word from foreign player Ki-jun Yong→Grand Slam Bang “It was a great strength”

The day Won-seok Lee, his best friend who promised to “retire from Samsung,” left the team. Samsung Lions Oh Jae-il wrote a thrilling come-from-behind drama.

Oh Jae-il started as first baseman in the 5th match against Doosan held at Lions Park in Daegu on the 27th, and became the main character of a 7-6 victory with a come-from-behind grand slam in the 7th inning.

Oh Jae-il, who is going through an extreme slump, was not good this day either. With the transfer of Lee Won-seok, he rose to the limit in the 5th batting order, but could not find a sense of hitting. Prior to this day, he had a batting average of 107 and 60 and had no hits in three consecutive games from the 22nd.

The beginning of the day wasn’t very good either.

He went on base with a walk in his first at-bat in the second inning, but was struck out in two consecutive at-bats in the third and sixth innings, striking out. He swings wildly at a bad manned pitch and fails to catch the timing at all.

But the moment of reversal was waiting.

The strikeouts in the first two at-bats were just a process of accumulating stories for an exciting climax.

The decisive chance came in the bottom of the 7th inning. With two walks and a hit, the chance to have two bases loaded came to Oh Jae-il. On the mound is Doosan bullpen ace Jeong Cheol-won. Coach Park Han gave some advice to Oh Jae-il, who was about to stand at bat.

In the 3B1S batter count, Oh Jae-il pulled Jeong Cheol-won’s 148km fastball without hesitation and crossed the right wall. A thrilling grand slam that makes a 7-6 comeback (Season 3, Total 1081, Individual 7th).

“Before I went to bat, Coach Park told me to just hit comfortably because it’s okay if I can’t hit.

Oh Jae-il, whose sense of responsibility grew like a snowball even in the midst of sadness due to the transfer of his best friend Lee Won-seok.토스카지노

“I was sleeping in the morning when a phone call came and said that I was leaving, so I hung up the phone. I thought it was a lie. Then I was surprised to see the article. (Laughter)”

On the same day, Oh Jae-il and Lee Won-seok, who competed simultaneously as Samsung and Kiwoom’s 5th hitter and first baseman, contributed to the team’s victory with a grand slam and first hit in Kiwoom’s debut.

Behind Oh Jae-il’s manlupo was Jose Pirella. On this day, Pirella, who performed the best with 4 hits in 4 at bats including two runs, announced a perfect revival.

“Pirella kept telling me before today’s game, ‘We can do it now. I was very envious, but when I hit it, Pirella really liked it. He is a player who usually gives me great strength.”

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