“Lee Jung-hoo hasn’t surpassed Lee Jong-beom yet, from now on…” Lee Dae-ho is confident, and “Legendary Rich” is coming out in Korean baseball

“I don’t think Jung Hoo has surpassed Lee Jong-beom yet.”

Lee Dae-ho (41, retired) talked about Lee Jung-hoo (25), who recently signed a six-year, $113 million contract with the San Francisco Giants through his YouTube channel Lee Dae-ho (RE:DAEHO) on the 28th. From his honest impression of Lee Jung-hoo to his prospect of major leaguer Lee Jung-hoo and comparison with his father Lee Jong-beom, former LG Twins coach.

Regarding Lee Jung-hoo’s contract, Lee said, “I hope that he can be a player who can receive more money than Shohei Ohtani (29, LA Dodgers) when he renews his contract six years later. He will be 30 six years later. If he adapt well and work hard in the U.S., he will be able to improve. That’s why I have high expectations.”

Lee Dae-ho said, “Lee Jung-hoo was recognized for his value because he was a young player with fast feet, good defense, good shoulder, batting and contact. He also said, “Since it is not a split contract like him, I have been treated and went, so I will be given ample opportunity.” In fact, this is important. Lee is expected to be guaranteed a spot in the outfield as a starting player for six years.

Lee Dae-ho is reminiscent of old memories. Lee Jung-hoo’s first hit was against Lotte in Busan on April 4, 2017. Lee Dae-ho, who started as first baseman, and Lee Jung-hoo met at first base. “I remember when Jung-hoo hit first and came out to first base. I said, ‘Good luck, Jung-hoo. Is that Jung-hoo? I wonder.”

Back then, Lee Jung-hoo was a batter with only good contact. Lee said, “I couldn’t see any cotyledons back then. I was so skinny and small. I was like a baby when he said, ‘Hello, senior,’ and he was like a baby. As I watched him do better every year, I thought he couldn’t cheat.”

In fact, Lee Jung-hoo has improved little by little every year, hitting .340 in the KBO League overall. However, Lee Dae-ho said Lee Jung-hoo has not surpassed his father Lee Jong-beom yet. “Honestly, I think Lee Jong-beom would have done as much as Jung Hoo if he were born now. How many stolen bases do you think he stole while playing shortstop? He is fast, has good shoulders, hits 30 home runs, and is good at defense. If he were free to play in the U.S. like now, he would have left.”

In fact, Lee Jong-beom had overwhelming statistics for five seasons from joining the Haitai Tigers in 1993 to joining the Chunichi Dragons in the Japanese professional baseball league in 1998. His batting average of 0.332 to 25 home runs and 57 steals in the 1996 season, and his batting average of 0.324, 30 home runs and 64 steals in the 1997 season, were particularly impressive. 헤라카지노

“Honestly, I don’t think Jung Hoo has surpassed Lee Jong-beom yet. So far. What Lee Jong-beom has shown over the past few years since he was a rookie is even stronger in the Korean baseball,” Lee Dae-ho said. “I think (Lee Jung-hoo) is going to pass Lee Jong-beom from now on. It’s going to be a legend. We can achieve tremendously better results in the U.S.”

Anyway, Lee Jong-beom couldn’t go to the Major League. Lee Dae-ho’s neat summary is that if Lee Jung-hoo succeeds in the Major League, he will definitely surpass his father. He didn’t doubt that Lee Jung-hoo would succeed in the Major League as well. He is a player who is very hard at work, and it is still a time when his baseball skills can improve.

However, Lee said, “Now is the age when I can get better. Now is the time to get to know baseball. Chung Hoo-hoo does not hit many home runs. If he goes to the Major League, he will naturally learn weight training from other players. When he gets better, he can hit many home runs. He needs to do more weight training and raise his body a bit. Ohtani also got bigger in the U.S. As muscles develop, he will gain speed and power. Chung Hoo-hoo will get better. He is a player who works so hard.”

Lee Dae-ho, who can hardly be seen as a success in the Major League, envies Lee Jung-hoo. “I envy you a lot, Jung-hoo. I think you will make me even more jealous in six years. Don’t get hurt and I have no doubt that if you do as you do, you will become a great player,” Lee said.

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