Lee Dae-sung “KBL FA player registration fact…We leave open the possibilities for both Korea and Japan.”

Will Lee Dae-sung (34, Mikawa), who entered the Japanese professional basketball league, return to Korea after a year.

Lee Dae-sung’s Seahorse Mikawa defeated Samwon Neofinix 79-72 at the “2023-24 B-League Final” held at SH Toyota Stadium in Aichi Prefecture, Japan on Saturday. Mikawa (36 wins and 24 losses), who advanced to the quarterfinals by ranking second in the Central Division, will compete with the Nagoya Dolphins on Sunday to advance to the semifinals.

Lee Dae-sung, who scored 17 points in the final game, started all of the games and led Mika to advance to the playoffs. It is also the first time for a Korean player to play in a Japanese professional basketball playoff. The B-League playoffs will begin on Wednesday.
On the same day, Busan KCC won the championship with a record of 4-1 after defeating Suwon KT 88-70 in Game 5 of the championship game. KCC made history by winning the title for the first time in the history of the fifth seed.

According to the KBL rules, FA players must register as players by the final day of the season. Lee Dae-sung, who plays in the Japanese league, has registered as a player on Tuesday.

If a player with FA status refuses to sign a contract after receiving a letter of intent from the KBL club, he will not be able to play in the KBL for the next five years. Several clubs are already showing interest in Lee Dae-sung. For this reason, rumors have emerged that Lee Dae-sung has virtually decided to return to Korea and registered as a player in the KBL.

He contacted Lee on Wednesday. “It is right that I registered with the KBL. I have not made a decision (on my return to Korea) yet. Both Korea and Japan are leaving open the possibility,” Lee said.

먹튀검증 The KBL season is over. Teams that were eliminated from the round of 6 started to plan for the next season early on. Some teams have appointed a coach. If they want to reinforce FA players, they have to hurry to recruit them. The recruitment process for FA players will be completed within May.

On the other hand, Japan is starting the playoffs now. We have to wait until mid-June for the season to be completely over. The team that wants Lee Dae-sung needs time to make a concrete proposal. Given the circumstances, chances are high that the KBL team that first makes a concrete proposal to Lee Dae-sung and then desperately wants him will succeed in signing the contract.

If Lee Dae-sung continues to play in the playoffs, other teams in the B-League may show interest. However, as long as Lee Dae-sung plays as an Asian quarter player in the B-League, it is not easy to play as a main ball handler.

If Lee Dae-sung comes to the KBL, there is another problem. Korea Gas Corporation released Lee Dae-sung without compensation, thinking he would play in the overseas league for at least two years. Korea Gas Corporation did not receive compensation for the transfer of FA players within the 30th annual salary ranking because it sent Lee Dae-sung abroad. There is no problem if Lee Dae-sung renews his contract with Korea Gas Corporation, but if he goes to another team, Korea Gas Corporation will suffer a big loss.

According to the KBL, it is true that Lee Dae-sung is an unpaid FA player who can sign with any of the 10 teams. At least two teams are known to be interested in Lee Dae-sung.

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