Lee Da-young “There is no leg to go back to”… Going to the end with Kim Yeon-kyung

Volleyball player Lee Da-young (Le Canet Bolero) is in a mood to go all the way with Kim Yeon-kyung (Heungkuk Life Insurance). She expressed her intention to file a complaint against Kim Yeon-kyung to the National Human Rights Commission and the Sports Ethics Center.

Lee Da-young posted an illustration on her Instagram on the 15th showing a woman holding a piece of paper with ‘Me Too’ written on it.

Along with this, she wrote, “I waited until the end for a sincere apology and reflection, but now I have no legs to turn back.”

Lee Da-young also included ‘Korea Center for Physical Education먹튀검증 and Sports Ethics’ and ‘National Human Rights Commission’ in the hashtags of the post, and she wrote, “What is the final step?”

Recently, She Ida Young has been repeatedly posting articles sniping at Kim Yeon-kyung. In 2021, when he was playing for Heungkuk Life Insurance, he was deprived of his national team membership indefinitely due to suspicions of school violence after a rumor of discord with Kim Yeon-kyung arose. Her club also received an indefinite ban from playing.

Lee Da-young did not express her position for about two years, but on the 5th of last month, she gave a related interview before leaving for France, and she continues to post posts criticizing Kim Yeon-kyung on Instagram.

In response to Lee Da-young’s continued sniping, Kim Yeon-kyung’s agency Ryan At hinted at a strong response, saying, “We will take strong action against the press releases and YouTubers that were recently written and distributed maliciously against Kim Yeon-kyung.”

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