‘Late contract’ Han Hyun-hee’s confession “Until now, I played baseball like an immature person”

After a long wait, Han Hyun-hee (30, Lotte Giants), who signed the first FA contract in his life, expressed his joy.

On the 17th, the Lotte Giants announced that they had signed an FA contract with Han Hyun-hee for a total of 4 billion won, up to 3.7 billion won, including a 3+1 year down payment of 300 million won and a guaranteed annual salary of 1.5 billion won.

Han Hyun-hee, who graduated from Gyeongnam High School and joined Nexen Heroes (currently Kiwoom) in 2012, appeared in 416 games, recording 65 wins, 43 losses, 8 saves and 105 holds, with an ERA of 4.26. He was also selected for the 2014 Incheon Asian Games team and wore the Taegeuk mark. 안전놀이터

However, in 2021, he was disciplined for violating the Corona 19 quarantine rules, and last year, he only had an average ERA of 4.75 with 6 wins and 4 losses in 21 games. To make matters worse, he did not even make it to the playoffs and entry into the Korean Series. After the end of the season, he applied for free agency, but he struggled to sign a contract only after waiting for two months due to the pressure of the A grade and his recent performance.

Han Hyun-hee, who was contacted by Star News after the announcement, said, “I recently heard about the contract from an agent,” and laughed, saying, “It felt really good.”

After applying for FA, while other players were looking for their team, Han Hyun-hee, who was a lost child, said, “It is time to look back on myself while thinking about this and that in the winter.” He continued, “I wanted to play baseball like an immature child up to now, and now I have a lot of thoughts that I have to do it responsibly.”

There was a reason for Han Hyun-hee’s words. On the 7th, he married Park Ji-hyeon (26) and became the head of the household. Han Hyun-hee said, “I had a change of heart, and now that I have a family, I thought I should be strong.”

Han Hyun-hee, who went through elementary, middle, and high school in Busan, will join Lotte, his hometown team, 11 years after joining the pros. He said, “It’s really nice to see him go to his hometown, and his wife also has acquaintances in Busan.” Then, he said, “Lotte fans are so passionately cheering for us, so I’m looking forward to that part as well.”

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