Kiwoom, ‘the best in self-sustainability’, has already ‘completed’ the 10th partnership contract

 Kiwoom Heroes (CEO: Wi Jae-min), who showed an exceptionally ‘self-sustaining endgame’ appearance before this season, signed a partnership contract again. It’s already the 10th.

This time, it signed a partnership contract with Baekjo Think on the 27th (Mon). According to the contract, Kiwoom provides advertisements for infield fences, and Swan Think provides sponsorship according to advertisements.

Fence advertisements are already quite common in the soccer K-League, and Kiwoom also signed a sub-sponsor contract in this way when it used Mokdong Stadium as its home.

Jaemin Wi, CEO of Kiwoom Heroes, said, “We are delighted to continue our partnership with Swan Think. As we carried out various marketing campaigns with Swan Think last year, we will work together to bring joy to fans this year. I hope it will be,” he said.

In response, Lee Jong-wook, CEO of Swan Think, said,안전놀이터 “I am very happy to have a continuous partnership with Kiwoom Heroes following last year. I hope that Kiwoom Heroes will be able to advance to fall baseball once again with good results like last year. Swan Think also I hope it will serve as an opportunity for us to grow together in various ways.” 

On the other hand, Baekjo Sink was founded in 1964 and is the longest-running company in the industry that has been walking the single path of ‘manufacturing sink bowls’ for 59 years. Along with the development of sinks in Korea, ‘Swan Table’ is known as a byword for sink bowls to middle-aged people. The SQS square ball and Camporte sink ball, which are loved by many consumers recently, are ‘products created with Swan Think’s 58-year-old traditional technology’. Recently, we are constantly working and researching to develop products that reflect consumer needs.

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