Kim Ha-neul and Kim Do-hoon appear in ‘Na Yeon Is Back’ “Fantastic breathing”

Kim Ha-neul and Kim Do-hoon showed off ‘breath of fantasy’ in the 2-2 mixed cheerful round.

Kim Ha-neul, Kim Do-hoon, and Park Jae-bum appeared in the ‘Na Yeon Is Back’ video uploaded on the 12th. Choi Na-yeon and Park Jae-beom, and Kim Ha-neul and Kim Do-hoon formed two teams each and enjoyed mixed golf. The first half of the nine holes was played in foursomes and the second half was played in fourball format. ‘Nayeon Is Back’ is a YouTube channel directly operated by Choi Na-yeon, who played an active part in the LPGA tour. 메이저사이트

Hole 1 (par 4) started with a tee shot by Jay Park and Dohoon Kim. Standing on the teeing ground for the first time in a while, they showed off their exciting shots. Jay Park’s putt was conceived par, and Ha-neul Kim finished with a par, continuing a tight battle.

From the 2nd hole (par 3), the team of Kim Ha-neul and Kim Do-hoon went out. The team seized the victory when Kim Ha-neul’s tee shot hit the hole close to the hole. Then, Kim Do-hoon caught a neat birdie.

On the other hand, Choi Na-yeon and Park Jae-beom’s team had a hard time as their tee shot fell into the bunker. Jay Park succeeded in getting the ball out of the bunker, but failed to control the strength and failed to finish with a birdie and recorded a par.

The Kim Ha-neul-Kim Do-hoon team widened the gap in the 3rd hole (par 5). Kim Do-hoon boasted a cool long hit from the tee shot and flew the ball 179 yards from the hole. Kim Ha-neul missed the second shot in the bunker, but Kim Do-hoon made a birdie by putting the ball close to the hole with a fantastic shot.

Choi Na-yeon and Park Jae-beom’s team got a penalty stroke when they got out of bounds (OB) from their tee shot. Choi Na-yeon’s bogey putt also missed, and she holed out with a double bogey.

In the 4th hole (par 4), Kim Ha-neul and Kim Do-hoon’s team wrote down the bogey as Kim’s ball flew toward the right slope. On the other hand, Choi Na-yeon and Park Jae-beom’s team succeeded in narrowing down one stroke by recording a par.

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