“Kang Jung-ho, I’m not getting a call.” 40-year-old hitter from KIA also requested tutoring… Following KBO, the strongest baseball is ‘rumors’

Kang Jung-ho School is enjoying immense popularity. Finally, Kang, who retired and is currently playing in the strongest baseball league, also expressed hope for his younger teammate Kang Jung-ho to take private lessons.

Seo Dong-wook (40), a former member of Kia Tigers, LG Twins and Nexen Heroes, proposed to Kang in an open manner through “Steamed Baseball” on YouTube run by himself and comedian Kim Tae-won on Wednesday. He expected Kang to see how hard he felt. The production team secretly expected a YouTube collaboration.

Seo Dong-wook introduced Kang Jung-ho’s episode when he was playing for the Nexen Heroes. Seo played for the Nexen Heroes from 2013 to 2015, and during this period, Kang reigned supreme as the KBO’s shortstop. In 2014, he garnered 40 homers and 117 RBIs and moved to the Pittsburgh Pirates in the Major League.

Seo Dong-wook said, “When I was at Nexen, the defensive coach was now Hong Won-ki. Jung-ho said, ‘I will take a day off from training tomorrow.’ The game is at 6:30 p.m., and I came by 5 or 5:30 p.m. He got ready, warmed up, and went out to play games. The next day, he said, ‘Coach, I will take another day off tomorrow.’ And on the third day, the coach came and said, ‘Jung-ho, you will take a day off tomorrow, right?’ He didn’t train for three or five days and just kept playing. Nexen is a team that can do that.”

Seo Dong-wook came to Nexen in 2013 after playing for KIA and LG Twins. At the time, LG Twins manager Yeom Kyung-yeop preached the importance of rest, putting a brake on reckless training and emphasizing a balance between efficient training and rest. It is a very natural trend now, but back then, Nexen was just leading the way. 라바카지노

Seo Dong-wook, who was only in other teams, had a hard time understanding this culture of Nexen. “Jung-ho came an hour before the game, warmed up, and concentrated for three hours when the game started. I didn’t understand that. I wondered how I could play games without training before the game, but I’ve been playing baseball for about 10, 20, 30 years consistently. With that kind of base, in fact, my skills don’t go anywhere even if I don’t train for a day to a week,” he said.

Kang naturally became a Major Leaguer amid Nexen’s unique culture. Seo Dong-wook also opened his eyes to a new culture while playing for the Nexen Heroes. Kang left the field with a strikeout while driving under the influence of alcohol, but he runs a baseball academy in Los Angeles based on steady research on batting theory. As is well known, some KBO League players have moved to LA for training or are currently in progress. Son Ah-seop (36, NC Dinos) became the batting king and the most hits king after joining Kang.

Seo Dong-wook is also retired, but he still plays baseball. He played as a member of the Monsters in JTBC’s entertainment program “The Strongest Baseball Team.” This program has been confirmed to be produced in Season 3 this year. Seo Dong-wook also has to constantly build his body and continue to play baseball. With the help of Kang Jung-ho School, he expressed his desire to do better at batting.

Seo Dong-wook said, “Jung-ho is on YouTube, but he’s not answering. He only does it when he needs to. He gives a lot of feedback to the players about batting, but I personally want to appeal to him. I want to get some feedback.”

Seo Dong-wook asked Kang Jung-ho, who is a senior to Kang, for help as a leader. Now it’s Kang’s turn to respond. Will Kang’s school be able to take over the strongest teams of baseball games? Ordinary people seem to be taking lessons, and there seems to be no reason not to accept Seo’s request.

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