Kang Jeong-ho + Park Byung-ho + Kim Ha-sung + Lee Jeong-hoo… Heroes’ hammy laugh, a total transfer fee of 554 billion won, ‘invitation night’.

Post Food for thought. The Kiwoom Heroes are all smiles as Lee Jung-hoo joins the San Francisco Giants.

Lee Jung-hoo (25, San Francisco Giants) is headed to San Francisco for six years and $113 million (about $14.84 billion). Kiwoom will sit on Lee’s post and pocket $18.82 million, or about 24.7 billion won. That’s half the cost of one season.

According to the Hanmi Posting System, if the contract total is $25 million or less, the posting fee is 20% of the total; if it is $25 million to $50 million, 20% of $25 million ($5 million) and 17.5% of the amount over $25 million; and if it is over $50 million, 20% of $25 million ($5 million) and 17.5% ($4.37 million) and 15% of the amount over $50 million.

In other words, in this case, the posting fee would be $5 million + $4.37 million + $9.45 million. That’s $18.82 million. To understand how big this amount is, we can look at the posting history of major KBO players before Lee Jung-hoo.

Ryu Hyun-jin signed a six-year, $36 million contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers in the 2011-2012 offseason. At the time, the Dodgers paid the Hanwha Eagles a transfer fee of $25.73 million. Jung Ho Kang signed a 4+1 year, $16.5 million contract with the Pittsburgh Pirates in the 2014-2015 offseason. Pittsburgh paid Nexen $5.15 million. 랭크카지노

Byung Ho Park also signed a 4+1 year, $18.5 million contract with the Minnesota Twins in the 2014-2015 offseason. Minnesota paid Nexen $12.85 million. In the revised system, Kim signed a 4+1 year, $39 million contract with the San Diego Padres in the 2020-2021 offseason. San Diego paid Kiwoom $5.25 million.

Since the revision of the posting system, clubs have not received much in posting fees. Still, Lee Jung-hoo’s posting fee is nearly three times that of Kim Ha-sung. Kiwoom earned a total of $42.15 million (approximately 55.4 billion won) by sending Kang Jeong-ho ($5.15 million), Park Byung-ho ($12.85 million), Kim Ha-seong ($5.52 million), and Lee Jung-hoo ($18.82 million) to the major leagues. It’s the real deal in professional sports.

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