Jeonbuk, the ‘winner’ in crisis… Will it rebound with the Incheon match on the weekend?

Will Jeonbuk Hyundai, a ‘champion candidate’ in crisis, succeed in rebounding against Incheon United on the weekend in the professional soccer K League 1?

Jeonbuk will play the 6th round of the Hana One Q K League 1 2023 against Incheon at 4:30 pm on the 9th at the Jeonju World Cup Stadium, their home stadium.

After losing the championship to rival Ulsan Hyundai last year, Jeonbuk, which recruited Lee Dong-jun, Amano, and Jeong Tae-wook, and shouted for a return to the top, managed only one win in the opening four games. They are 8th in the league with 1 win, 1 draw and 3 losses (4 points).

It is in stark contrast to Ulsan, which is running at the top with five consecutive wins in the opening season.

The recent 0-2 loss to Daegu FC and the 1-2 loss to Pohang Steelers made Jeonbuk fans angry.

In the home game against Pohang on the 1st, there was a hanging in the stands criticizing manager Kim Sang-sik and CEO Heo Byung-gil.

After the game, fans blocked the squad bus and protested, and coach Kim did not come out, so there was a confrontation for more than two hours.

During the A-match break, CEO Heo Byeong-gil issued an apology and promised a rebound, but it is unclear whether it will lead to performance.

Jeonbuk was a slow starter last season as well. It was only 4 points until the 5th round, but after that, it succeeded in rebounding and competed for the championship with Ulsan until the end of the season.

That’s why the Incheon match result is important. With Ulsan already collecting 15 points, if the gap widens further, winning this season will be virtually difficult.

Incheon, the opposing team, is also in a hurry. Incheon, which finished in fourth place last season and earned the right to participate in the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Champions League for the first time in the club’s history, was also mentioned as a candidate for the quarterfinals this season, but it did not start well.

Before the opening, they strengthened their power by bringing in league-top midfielder Shin Jin-ho, but in the opening 5 games, they showed a rather disappointing move with 1 win, 2 draws and 2 losses (5 points).

In terms of opponents, Jeonbuk leads with 5 wins, 4 draws and 1 loss in the last 10 matches. Last season, they had 2 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss.

Daejeon Hana Citizen and Gwangju FC, which are creating a sensation for promoted teams, will travel to Suwon FC and Pohang Steelers, respectively.

First, Gwangju will face coach Kim Ki-dong’s Pohang at Pohang Steel Yard at 7:00 pm on the 8th.

5th place Gwangju (3 wins, 2 losses, 9 points) recently defeated Incheon 5-0, and then beat Suwon FC 2-0 in the previous 5th round and ran a winning streak.

With his hot attacking soccer, he is catching the fans’ attention along with the results.

The opponent, Pohang, is also not easy. Although they lost veteran midfielder Shin Jin-ho ahead of this season, they are currently competing for the lead with 3 wins, 2 draws, 11 points and 8 points.

Jeka’s theatrical goal, which broke just before the end of the game against Jeonbuk, won the match and the atmosphere is good.

Surprise 2nd place (3 wins, 2 draws, 11 points, 11 points) Daejeon will face Suwon FC at 3pm on the 9th.

In the 4th and 5th rounds, Daejeon, which scored 6 goals against rivals Suwon Samsung (3-1 win) and FC Seoul (3-2 win) in the ‘Super Match’, emerged as the biggest dark horse at the beginning of the season.

Its advantage is that it has various scoring routes such as Kim In-gyun, Thiago (more than 2 goals), Leandro, Lee Jin-hyun, and Massa (more than 1 goal).

Suwon in 11th place and Jeju United in 12th place, which were in the lower ranks in the early stages, also desperately need a victory.바카라사이트

11th place Suwon (2 draws, 3 losses, 2 points, 4 points) will play an away game against leader Ulsan at 2:00 pm on the 8th. If he loses in this match as well, coach Lee Byeong-geun’s position will become unstable.

In the record of both teams, Ulsan has the upper hand with 5 wins, 3 draws and 2 losses in the last 10 games.

The lowest ranked Jeju (2 draws, 3 losses, 2 points, 3 points) will face off against 10th place Gangwon FC (3 draws, 2 losses, 3 points) at 7:00 pm on the 9th. Both teams are aiming for the win of the season.

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