Jeju, which has risen to the top with ‘5 wins in a row’, confronts the mighty firepower Seoul

Jeju United, which is on the right track, and FC Seoul, which have powerful firepower, meet. The two teams will play the 14th round of the Hana One Q K League 1 2023 at the Seoul World Cup Stadium at 6 pm on the 20th.

Jeju has recently risen in water. It was hard in the beginning. After the opening, 2 draws and 3 losses until the 5 games, the first win was shaken so much that Choi Young-joon, Lim Chae-min, Lee Chang-min, Jin Seong-wook, and other players who were included in Plan A collapsed due to injuries one after another. Nam Ki-il, Jeju coach, confessed, “I played 5 games, but it’s as difficult as 50 games.”

However, the inflection point was taken as the first victory was won in the 6th round Gangwon FC expedition, and the injured players returned one by one.

Jeju, which was chased by the burden in the beginning, gradually found a sense of stability. From then on, it was solid. From the match against Gwangju FC in the 9th round to the match against Suwon FC in the 13th round, they had 5 consecutive wins. In particular, he scored 12 goals in the last 4 matches, clearing up his worries about decision making. It has risen to 3rd place with a record of 7 wins, 2 draws and 4 losses (23 points).

Along with good results, the team atmosphere is also the best. An official from Jeju said, “The atmosphere at the beginning was cluttered, so it was not organized, but after riding the flow, it has been going up all the way.”

On the 17th, the athletes enjoyed a full dinner. In addition, the coaching staff, support staff, and club secretariat staff mix and play friendly matches, creating a tight atmosphere.

Jeju, on the back of an upward trend, is determined to go up to second place, surpassing even Seoul with the same number of points. In addition, we will challenge the first 6 consecutive wins in the 1st division.

However, Seoul, which is waiting for Jeju in the living room, is a formidable opponent.

If Jeju is showing the best scoring power in the last 4 games, Seoul has the advantage of consistently hot offense throughout the season.

With 27 goals, Seoul has the most goals among 12 teams in the K League 1. Leading scorer Na Sang-ho (8 goals) is showing off his best condition and confidence.토스카지노

In addition to Na Sang-ho, the distribution of goals is so diverse that 12 others, including Hwang Ui-jo, Palosevich, and Park Dong-jin, have scored. Seoul laughed even in a head-to-head match in March.

Seoul, which lost to Ulsan Hyundai in the previous game and widened the gap with the leader to 11 points, is determined to catch Jeju and continue the chase again. Seoul recorded victories in every match immediately after losing this season, and has never fallen into a losing streak and is riding a good flow.

However, in Seoul, the variable is that coach Ahn Ik-soo leaves the Ulsan game and is away from the Jeju game. Coach Ahn Ik-soo cannot sit on the bench, and coach Kim Jin-gyu temporarily directs the team.

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