Jeju recruited Jekal Jae-min, who swept K3 MVP, top scorer, and best 11… “I won’t be satisfied with my return as a professional.”

Jeju United recruited Jegal Jae-min, who dominated the K3 League (third division).

Jeju announced on the 2nd that it has recruited striker Jegal Jae-min.

Jegal Jae-min was the top scorer (six goals) at the 54th Spring High School Football League match in 2018 when he was at Jecheon Jeil High School. Even after entering Jeonju University, he won the top scorer (4 goals) at the 2020 U-League King’s Game. He later joined Daegu FC ahead of the 2021 season. However, he failed to play in any game and left the team after a year.

Jegal Jae-min played for FC Mokpo from last year after playing for Gimhae City Hall and Dangjin Citizens’ Soccer Team in the K3 League in 2022 헤라카지노주소. He led Mokpo to the second place by scoring 12 goals in the league last season. Jegal Jae-min, who was recognized for his performance, swept the MVP, top scorer and best 11 players at the 2023 K3 and K4 Awards to win three gold medals.

Jegal Jae-min is the first recruitment of Kim Hak-bum from Jeju this season. “He has a strong physique of 178 centimeters and 74 kilograms and penetrates the space by using his fast speed,” Jeju said of Jegal Jae-min. “It is evaluated that his two-legged shooting, regardless of location, is gaining momentum in the K3 league.” “With a sincere attitude and a new challenger’s position, we can expect synergy effect through good faith competition that coach Kim Hak-bum pursues.”

Jegal Jae-min said, “I’m really happy to be back on the professional stage,” and added, “I showed a good performance on the K3 league stage, but I won’t be satisfied here.” He said, “There are many good players in Jeju, so I can continue to learn and improve,” and added, “I’ll always play with all my might to make the team and fans trustworthy.”

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