“Jadon Sancho Be Successful! Good Luck”… Teacher’s ‘Devidence’ to drive out to Dortmund

The teacher who kicked him out was ‘cool’ at the news of the new team’s transfer.

“I wish you success,” he said, wishing you good luck.

Dortmund officially announced on the 11th (Korea Standard Time), “We have hired striker Sancho on loan until the end of the season. Sancho, a member of Manchester United, has signed a loan agreement until June 30, 2024.”

On the same day, Sancho’s team Manchester United also said, “It’s news of loan. Sancho will return to Dortmund. Sancho joined his former team Dortmund on loan until the end of the season. Sancho will return to Germany for a while as Dortmund prepares for the season after the winter break. I hope Sancho will perform at his best for the rest of this season,” and wished Sancho good luck.

Dortmund actively welcomed Sancho back home.

General manager Sebastian Kell said: “Sancho is an absolute difference player and we look forward to seeing him in black and yellow (Dortmund’s jersey) soon. He knows very well about the city, Zignal Iduna Park, our fans, and our club. Although he has not played any competitive games in the past few months, we are confident that Sancho will be able to quickly settle down with us, stay in top form and use his qualities to help us achieve our season goals.”

“When I entered the locker room today, I felt like I was back home,” Sancho said, “I know the club well, I’ve always been close to the fans here, and I’ve never lost contact with the officials.”

“I want to meet my Dortmund colleagues again, go to the stadium, play soccer with a smile on my face, score points, and help them qualify for the UEFA Champions League,” he said.

Sancho is a former Manchester City youth, but made his professional debut with Dortmund, not Manchester City. Having made a name for himself after spending four years in the Dortmund uniform, Sancho accepted Manchester United’s love call and challenged to the Premier League (PL) stage for the first time.

However, Sancho struggled in the PL, unlike in the German Bundesliga. Fans could no longer see Sancho’s dribbling breakthrough and creative passes at Dortmund, and Sancho’s confidence declined as the slump continued. In the end, Sancho, who failed to shake off his sluggishness, was not included in the final list of the FIFA Qatar World Cup 2022, which plunged Sancho into a deeper abyss.

At the time, Erik Turnhach, Manchester United’s manager, spared no support for Sancho to recover mentally. Turnhach connected his acquaintances so that Sancho could receive psychotherapy and training in the Netherlands. Even after the season resumed, Turnhach waited until Sancho fully recovered. However, despite Turnhach’s efforts, Sancho failed to revive.

Fans’ public opinion toward Sancho has already cooled down. In this situation, Sancho even protested to Turn Haq.

It was September last year. In an interview after losing 1-3 to Arsenal, Turn Haah was asked by the media why he excluded Sancho from the list. In response, Turn Haah said he excluded Sancho from the match against Arsenal because he failed to produce satisfactory results at the training ground, explaining the reason why he did not name Sancho.

The problem was only after that. Sancho directly refuted Turn Haq’s remarks on social media. “I can’t accept people saying things that are not true. I have long been a scapegoat for the team,” Sancho said, posting a nuance as if Turn Haq had defended himself.

Sancho, however, failed to garner public support. This is because everyone knew how hard coach Turn Haq tried to revive Sancho. Soccer experts and fans, including Manchester United legends such as Rio Ferdinand and Gary Neville, all criticized Sancho.

As the tense situation continued, head coach Turn Haach tried to solve the problem through dialogue with Sancho, but it was reported that Sancho refused. Manchester United’s colleagues who tried to persuade Sancho were also tired of Sancho’s attitude, and some fans began to say that Sancho, which harms the team’s atmosphere, should be disposed of as soon as possible.

Manager Turn Haah finally picked up a knife. Manager Turn Haah banned Sancho from using training facilities for the first-team. Sancho is said to have been unable to use all facilities at Carrington Training Center, Manchester United’s first-team training ground, and to have meals with academy players.

Sancho did not play a single game since the end of August. The winter transfer window period approached as time passed, and Sancho was close to moving to Dortmund after pursuing a return to Dortmund to leave Manchester United.

Initially, there were rumors that he would sell it to Saudi Arabia for a large amount, but the Middle Eastern club of “Oil Money” was also unsure of Sancho’s physical condition.

“Sancho’s return to Dortmund is close,” the British newspaper The Athletic said on the 10th. Dortmund expects Sancho to arrive in Germany on Wednesday ahead of his loan move. Sancho is almost done with his return to Dortmund, leaving only final paperwork for the lease that does not include the option to purchase.”

In the end, the lease was made, and the option of complete transfer was omitted.

In the meantime, coach Turn Haah, who kicked him out, wished Sancho good luck.

Manchester United will play a home game against Tottenham in the 21st round of the English Premier League at 1:30 a.m. on the 15th. When asked about Sancho at a press conference beforehand, coach Turn Haah said, “I wish him well. I wish him all the best. This is all I have to say. I hope he gets along well and succeeds. 라바카지노도메인

Some say that when Sancho comes back from loan, Turnhach may not be available. It has also become a point to watch whether the two will reunite this summer.

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