“It’s sad that I don’t have a home of my own”… If you are insecure about your housing, you will age quickly.

Research has shown that the anxiety of not being able to purchase메이저사이트 a home accelerates physical aging. It is even said to accelerate aging more than smoking or obesity. According to the BBC

on the 12th (local time), researchers from the University of Essex and the University of Adelaide in Australia recently reported in the journal ‘Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health ‘ that the stress caused by an unstable residential environment contributes to biological aging. A paper was published showing that acceleration can be achieved. Biological aging refers to the decline in the function of body tissues and cells, regardless of actual age. The researchers collected information on the living conditions and health of 1,420 white British people. By analyzing genes ( DNA ) from blood samples, the individual’s biological aging rate was compared and analyzed. As a result of the survey, it was found that tenants who rent private housing age about 17 days faster per year than those who experience unemployment, obesity, and smoking. The acceleration of aging was 9.9 days for unemployment, 8.4 days for obesity, and 7.7 days for smoking. On the other hand, it was found that as the residential environment becomes more stable, the aging rate decreases. The acceleration of aging for owner-occupiers was only 3 days per year. Tenants of public rental housing, who are guaranteed a long-term lease and receive a significant portion of their rent subsidized by the government, were found to age 4.8 days faster per year. Poor living conditions were also cited as one of the causes of accelerated aging. It was found that environments with small living spaces make people age 5.1 days faster per year. Poor living conditions with lack of heating facilities made people age faster by 8.8 days, and water leaks caused them to age faster by 4.8 days. Researchers argued that real estate measures such as rental subsidies can have a positive impact on citizens’ health. The researchers explained, “Policies that improve housing conditions and limit rent increases may be beneficial to individual health.” Dan Wilson Crow, vice-chairman of Generation Rent, a UK-based housing improvement group, said: “Housing environment is very important to a person’s health, and not being sure how long you can live at home puts a lot of stress on your body.”

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