“It’s 30 million won for a car, but it can’t be like this…” Dad in his 40s also lined up 

“The riding comfort of the Model Y has improved a lot

. Jaun Seowon, located in the ruins of Yulgok Yii, is a good place to take a leisurely drive with your family. The quiet hanok on the vast land goes well with this white car. This is a Chinese-made Tesla, a medium-sized sports utility vehicle ( SUV ) Model Y rear-wheel drive ( RWD ), which has recently become a hot topic in Jangan.

The price of Model Y RWD is 56.99 million won. When subsidy (national treasury + local government) and discount benefits for electric vehicles are applied, the actual purchase price drops to the second half of 40 million won. It is about 30 million won cheaper than the American model Y long range. According to the industry, within a few days of launch, it caused a sensation of over 10,000 pre-orders.

Korea Economic Daily [Teslam Goes] was the first domestic media to test-drive Model Y RWD for 2 days and 1 night. Starting from Teheran-ro in Gangnam, Seoul, I ran a total of 200km through Gangbyeonbuk-ro and Jayu-ro to Imjingak in Paju. Following the 「Model Y Narrative Test Drive (1) Chinese Car Misunderstanding and Truth」 reported on the 29th of last month, this second part deals with actual driving. The reporter’s family took a test drive to determine if this electric SUV is suitable for a family car.

First Impressions of Model Y RWD(Considering that most families have the right to purchase a vehicle (?) in women) What kind of car do women like? People around reporters often prefer SUVs to well-designed sedans. First of all, the vehicle height is high, so it is easy to get on and off and driving is comfortable. The spacious interior is great for carrying children and pets.

Open the trunk of Model Y RWD . It has a lot of space like an SUV . It has a loading space of up to 2158L. It looks rather wider than the 7-seater large SUV Model X. If you fold down the rear seats, it is possible to pack up to two people.

The back seat is also roomy. There is plenty of room for two adults as well as a small child. The glass roof covering the ceiling of the vehicle provides a panoramic sky view, but the scorching sun in midsummer is burdensome. It can be a huge disadvantage, especially for women.

Model Y RWD is the lowest-priced model among Tesla’s domestic vehicles. Nevertheless, the basic installed options are not different from the upper model long range. The audio in particular is great. According to Tesla, it has 13 speakers, a subwoofer and two amplifiers. When you play music, you can hear the rich sound that is comparable to that of a premium car.

Ride comfort in the front seat is ‘tantan’, rear seat is ‘plump’I sat in the driver’s seat. When you step on the accelerator, the vehicle starts. Could it have been about 5 minutes? “The riding comfort has definitely improved.” This is the third test drive of the Model Y by the reporter following June of last year and April of this year. The previous two test drives were American-made long-range versions.

The Model Y, which I first test drove, was as hard as riding on a rock. It felt like riding BMW ‘s E92 3 series for the first time. The Model Y’s uncomfortable ride was notorious even among car owners. The 2023 Model Y, which I tested for the second time, has a completely different ride comfort. It was hard but soft. Model Y RWD feels a little more comfortable and improved. However, it does not reach the level of Genesis that some say.

The rear seat ride comfort is better than before, but it is lower than the front seat. I rode the road quite a bit and bounced a lot. The children complained of slight motion sickness. The test car’s 20-inch wheels (option price of 2.57 million won) may be the cause (if the wheels get bigger, the ride comfort decreases). There was a gap with the Model X, which was as smooth as riding a monorail. (The Model X is equipped with air suspension.)

Regarding Tesla’s ride comfort, there is an anecdote related to the CEO of Elon Musk in the past. During the development of the Model S in 2009, an engineer asked Musk for his opinion on the vehicle’s suspension. “ BMWShould I emphasize the agility like the , or give it a soft feel like the Lexus?”

To this, Musk responded: “I am going to sell a lot of cars. So use the right suspension for a car that will sell a lot. Do you understand?” (Tim Higgins 『The Designer of the Tesla Electric Vehicle War』) This is the reason why the Model Y’s ride comfort has steadily improved.

Chinese Tesla, self-driving ‘nerf controversy’Model Y RWD came out on Jayu-ro, an expressway. Step on the accelerator pedal deeply. A normal Tesla will run as soon as you step on it. But the speedometer in our test car didn’t go up that fast. Zero to 100km (time from standstill to 100km/h) 6.9 seconds. It is at the level of a gasoline turbo engine SUV . This is the limitation of a single motor. It reminds us that the direction of this vehicle is a family car.

Next is the self-driving test, which is the biggest feature of Tesla. This vehicle is equipped with Tesla’s self-developed self-driving chip ‘Hardware 3.0 ( HW 3.0)’. Model S and Model X, which are high-end vehicles, have the latest HW 4.0. In the past, Musk has stated that there is no difference in autonomous driving performance between HW 3.0 and HW 4.0. The vehicle tested was applied with the 9.04 million won FSD ( Full Self Driving ) option.

Domestic FSD is a driving assistance function △Navigate on Autopilot ( NOA) and △car lane change △automatic parking △vehicle calling. △Traffic light detection △Autonomous driving in the city is only available in North America. Level 2 level where a person is responsible for driving a vehicle.

If you lower the right column shift twice while driving, Autopilot is activated with a ‘ding’ sound. You can set the maximum speed by manipulating the scroll up and down. Set the speed to 80 km/h and gently release your foot from the accelerator pedal. I just put my hand on the steering wheel.

“Uh, huh? Why is this?”

The reporter admired the performance of Autopilot while test-driving Tesla several times in the past. However, the autopilot of the Model Y RWD is somewhat awkward. It warns you to get behind the wheel from time to time. In the past, I changed lanes on my own, but now I ask the driver for permission to change.

If the lane change fails, approval is requested again. Existing American-made vehicles took care of themselves even if they failed. It feels like ‘Te Knight’, who was메이저놀이터 smart enough to be a human novice driver, has become a bit of an idiot. It checks whether you keep holding the steering wheel even when you change lanes by simply putting in the blinker.

In a word, the conditions for autopilot have changed strictly. This issue has heated up the Tesla owner’s cafe. It is said that the autopilot of the Chinese Tesla was ‘nerfed’ (a game term meaning a patch that lowers performance) compared to the American one. In response, a Tesla Korea official said, “American Tesla is subject to US laws due to the Korea-US FTA regulations, but Chinese cars are subject to domestic laws, so there is a difference in self-driving function.” .

Of course, this is an issue only for FSD and Enhanced Autopilot ( EAP ) option buyers. Experts’ general evaluation is that Tesla’s self-driving function is ahead of other finished cars. However, domestic FSDI think options are more of an investment for the future than a use right now. 9 million won is half the price of the North American market ($ 15,000).

‘Family electric car’ with excellent cost performanceWhat many people are most curious about Model Y RWD is the battery performance. This car is equipped with an LFP battery from CATL of China. Based on government certification, you can drive 350 km on a single charge. It is 277 km at low temperatures in winter (minus 6.7 degrees Celsius). Reporters trust domestically certified fuel efficiency and fuel efficiency. In many cases, the self-measured mileage in some places is not properly controlled for variables. Model Y RWD , which ran 200 km for two days in a 100% fully charged state, has 44% battery left. That’s an average of 3.57 km per 1% of the battery. Inversely calculated, it is similar to the Eolchu certified mileage. During the test drive, four people rode it, and the air conditioning was running throughout. If you ride alone, the mileage may increase a little. Unless you’re a long-distance driver, I think charging once or twice a week should suffice.

Model Y RWD seems to be chosen by consumers despite various controversies. At the Starfield Tesla store in Hanam, Gyeonggi-do, there was a waiting line for customers who came to see this vehicle. It is said that most of them are young people in their 30s and 40s. A Tesla Korea official said, “Due to the limited number of people visiting the store, we have to wait for about 30 minutes on weekends.” In the Tesla online community, it is said that securing subsidies is the key.

Electric vehicles are expensive vehicles. Domestic internal combustion engine SUVs also exceed 40 million won. Electric SUVs with an actual purchase price of over 40 million won are attractive in terms of cost-effectiveness. We hope that the appearance of Chinese-made Tesla will spark domestic electric car price competition.

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